Monday, January 21, 2013

Can you start working on the paper work to hyphenate my name to elder Mecham-Tengberg i think that suits me.

This week was alright, it snowed so that is awesome because it creates some proper fun. If we were walking anywhere I would always have a snowball in hand to throw. Elder Martins doesn’t really like snow and I found out why.... he has trouble with snowballs, making and throwing. But it’s so funny because I always walk behind him so I am always throwing snowballs and it gives me the opportunity to tell kids to throw snowballs at him which is super funny because he thinks it’s me but turns around and all these little kids are just hitting him with snowballs and I just start laughing well hard. Sometimes he doesn’t like it but everyone around us is always laughing and smiling when I throw snowballs so he gives in and joins the fun. He is a good guy. Sometimes I even throw them at the kids across the street... which sounds immature here but it isn’t... ok maybe a little but it’s a very small missionary moment when you show people that Mormons are allowed to have fun. I Concerning the Tengberg family have Brady stay with me and Harrison and Max. I don’t know where but wherever we are he should be too... as long as we can remove Mary for at least an hour a week to have some brooo time and hopefully Brady gets a proper job and can take care of me... I figured Brady is too nice to say no and I would be honored to be in a Tengberg family photo. Can you start working on the paper work to hyphenate my name to elder Mecham-Tengberg i think that suits me. Also two of the most important questions I forgot to ask Shardae... does she like kats and is it alright if I have more than 3? I already know what I want to name them! Zeus, who will be and all white Siamese, Hades who will be an all-black Siamese and then Ares who will be a super energetic Bengal. And then others like Aphrodite and Hermes and Apollo and Poseidon. I hope she likes Greek gods as kats!. I will let her name exactly one. Things are good, the work is hard right now. We are just tracting and tracting without a lot of success. But it is what we do and so I will just continue on. . I think it is time for me to move out of Croydon. I spent a quarter of my mission here. I don’t know if it’s because nothing is progressing at the moment so I want to move or if it’s because I just want to be out of my first area and get to explore a different area. I do like Croydon and the ward here is the best. They’re all awesome. I hope we see more success soon. So I can’t really concentrate on this letter there is this guy next to me who won’t stop coughing its literally I just did a segment of his coughing... haha) Remember that story I told you with me going to court and such? well I just a letter from London saying that they have dropped my case... it pays to be a missionary... it’s a little depressing that the city of London has written to me more letters than some of my friends... haha I don’t have any cool stories or anything funny this week because every day we have just been tracting. I will just send you some pictures for this week. Elder Mecham- love you all

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