Monday, February 25, 2013

Well yes, I had a cat in my dorm room for a while, yes


Well yes, I had a cat in my dorm room for a while, yes. It was a secret of sorts. You need to have Lythgoe tell you about the crazy cats we caught and how bad they smelled and how mean they were. That was fun. Oh and my lack of sleep is getting better.  Elder Armijo has a ukulele so now I play it right before I go to bed it soothes the mind

So it was a lacrosse weekend for you. How did Harry and everyone from the Vegas crew do in all their games? And how was my team doing? I am glad you saw Jake and Chance.  How is BYU doing on face-offs? I didn’t know the Grants were interested in going to BYU? Why didn’t Jordan come last year? That’s really cool you have stuff to send me. I ah can’t wait.. Did Elliot come down?  Does he even coach anymore? It sounds like the weekend was great, just filled with lacrosse like usual. Did the Chapman game even come close to last year’s Chapman game? Good thing they went 3-0 it sounds like a good road trip. The coaches should seriously consider working with me on the gear designs before I come home... I can come up with some nasty ideas. Hayden might be good with that as well so we could collaborate. Although I might be too busy with missionary work. If you ever see Stephen Cameron again tell him when I get home I want to book an appointment with him so he can give me a hot towel shave. How is Connor doing? What does Stephen’s hair look like? Who is everyone that asks for me? That’s a lot of questions I just gave you so I will start to talk about what I did this week. Our car gets taken away on Wednesday so Saturday we did a whole tour of the area because it’s likely that I will never get to see it all again because it is so big. We tried to visit EVERYONE.  When we were out in the corner of the area we got a referral from a lady who was interested, while we were out there is was just awesome we ended up giving her a Book of Mormon, but we probably will never be able to go see her again because the corner of our area is impossible to get to unless you have a car. We hope we can figure out ways to get to her. So we will see what happens. The Portuguese family doesn’t want to see us anymore. They flogged us and then texted us and said they weren’t ready at the moment. I was bummed.  

It was really cold this week and we had absolutely no sunshine at all. It was just grey skies all the time and started to snow just a tad. It didn’t rain though so that was good. I need more ties too.  I love my ties.  Elder Armijo gave me like 6 that he isn’t taking home but I need more ties. Ties and socks. Last week was probably the longest week of my mission. Time was going by really slowly for some reason which was alright.  It is all good.  We went and bought a blender and a ton of milk and mint ice cream and just made shakes the entire week at night. They were deeeelicious. We had zone conference and the whole thing was filled with President talking about the effect that the Book of Mormon play will have on missionary work. The church bought out every single advertising space in Charring cross. Which is the major tube station. I will have to send you pictures of what everything will look like. It will only help our effort regardless of the storyline.  People will get interested in our message. Elder Armijo and I set up a ‘preach my gospel’ class so that ward members can become better ward missionaries. That starts in 2 weeks so that will be good for Yeovil.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to teach. Zone conference was good also beacuse I got to see the elders that I knew from when I was in Croydon. It was good to catch up with them. The west side of the mission is weird. It doesn’t have as many missionaries And it seems like all the weird elders are out here.(hmmmmmm- what does that say about me?) The west side of the mission has the awkward elders. How are Pat and Emma doing?  Please say m hellos to them. Oh and also another request for the package. Can you put in a robe? One that I could lounge about in at night. Our flat gets pretty cold so it would be useful at night. Thank you mum for everything. I gave a talk in sacrament on Sunday. It went really well I thought.   I talked about being your best self,  and based it on a talk given by president Monson. The talk was really good. In the talk he lists 3 things to stay strong in faith. 1. Study every day 2. Pray every day and 3. Live righteously. That is good advice for all of us. I connected it to alma 37. When alma is talking to his son Helaman and gives him 3 rules. 1. Pray fervently 2. Learn wisdom and 3. Don’t be slothful.  Also good advice. They wanted me to speak for 15 minutes, I’m not sure how long my talk was but I think it was shorter, maybe longer, oh well. I thought Jenna was going to BYU-Hawaii.  Seriously she will love BYUI.  College and life in general are what you make of it.  Tell her to be at Provo when I get back.

Thanks for all those photos. Tell Jordan and Jeremy I said, “Meow”. Oh and I might be able to call March 10th.  Long story. And I know I am a VERY lovable person, so thanks for all the love.  Oh and as far as England, I love it here.  Hate the politics here though.  Really weird.  Love the people and the members.  And thanks for Sister Nihipali’s talk.  I will use that with people. I like the rescue.  Everyone has scars.  They should be glad they have them. It makes us more like Him.


Joey- Love you all


PS I bought this cup for me to drink out of it.

New cup
Quite a view

Love the loyalty

Just a Brit I guess!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Well, me and Armijo had water of course, but they had coffee

Hey Everyone,

Elder Armijo and I cut our hair. We shelf hard now!. I will get pictures up of it. This week has been really good. We went on exchanges, and I absolutely hate exchanges because we all know how I feel about change.  The only good thing about them is that it kinda throws off your schedule and keeps you from getting stuck in a routine. This week we found like 8 new people to teach one was a Portuguese family and I was able to use the limited amount of Portuguese I learned from elder Martins to teach them. It was pretty cool.  We also found a group of 20 year olds that are interested and we sat down with them in a cafe and shared a coffee with them (well me and Armijo had water of course, but they had coffee.) It was a good time and they seemed liked really kool kids. The ward is devastated that we are losing our car. The one good thing from it though is that we will get in shape before Armijo goes home. We tried a little basketball contacting but no one plays basketball here and of course lax is out of the question. No one is even outside really. We have had sun for the past 3 days for a little, like maybe 2 hours a day.  Anyhow, we have been doing a lot of work in the villages outside of Yeovil that you need a car to get to and we found great people but when our car gets taken away we really have no way of getting out there so that bites. But we will figure it out and get back to them.

 Oh so the reason that we are on the other side of the fence at Stonehenge is because we didn’t have the 30 pounds that is required to get in but I still wanted pictures of it so I got them from outside the fence. Oh and yea I will take that Brady’s bunch hoodie with me everywhere that would be ill. That is good with lacrosse and stuff I am glad you still do all that. I know you are a big help to everyone. That is the very first thing president says to me whenever he sees me. It always has something to do with lacrosse.

I haven’t really had any proper English food. I don’t mind the food anyways I like it all. Dad said he cheated on his diet earlier but that’s good he is losing so much. The biggest loser thing is a joke right? What does dad think about it? I bet he would win though.  Not much to write this week, nothing spectacular happened or really stuck out.  We just keep working and trying. If you would send me a package it would be good.  I need those foot things, ties but not gross ones, take dad with you and he knows what ties I like, I like Evan R. Lawson ties. Just mention that to him. That shirt, the thing Tank is sending me and just have Chance Cooper go get the shirt and bring it down with him. Get pictures of the team and stuff if they do a fireside and tell them I say hello and tell Pat that there is an elder here that knows him and he is from Fiji. his name is elder Tabakece (pronounced tam-buh-kethay). Oh and yes Marleice is going on a mission. We have emailed once or twice. I am really happy for her and think it’s great.   I am doing well. the only problem I had is that I can’t sleep. I lie in bed until like midnight and then wake up probably 10 times during the night.

This was probably the most depressing Valentine’s days ever...I mean for all the girls at home. In my entire 19 year existence, it is not like I even accepted Valentine ’s Day as a real day anyway. But I am sure it is depressing solely for the fact that I know I was breaking girl’s hearts because I am a missionary and their valentine’s day is ruined for two years in a row. Poor girls.

 I will slowly send more pictures

Note the lacrosse sticks to theright of Elder Mecham's study area.


View of Glastonbury (aka Witch country)
Ok so I found some interesting stuff- Did you know that Brigham young was visited by all the presidents up until his time and he did their temple work for them. Fact! That missionary work in the spirit world is going to be the exact same as it is here with zone leaders, district leaders and mission presidents and stuff.  So get ready to serve if you haven’t and even if you have you will serve again.
I want to start a collection of religious books when I get home. I already have the Quran in English and the Jehovah’s witness new world translation bible.  I think it would be cool to have lots of religious books and I can pick out all the true doctrine that stems from the Gospel.  Lots of religions have lots of good, they just don’t have it all.

Oh mum, ramen is always nice. And I need more hot sauce. Rooster sauce.

Love, Elder Mecham

Monday, February 11, 2013

we made a tiny little pitstop at …STONEHENGE!

1. All info about the area??? Photos too if you have some.

Yeovil itself is very small and there are a lot of surrounding villages. We have the second biggest area in the mission.

2. Companion stories? Tell us about him and what you two like to do

 Sadly, we are scraping to get by right now. He is a big time spender and so am I so we always end up convincing each other to buy a lot of little stuff. He is a big tie buyer. He is good missionary though. Really good.

3. Ward? How is it?

The ward is great. They are all really nice. It’s a smaller ward. Probably about 50 people give or take 15.

4. How is dinner there on Sundays? Hansen was wondering if you have had your fill of Brussels sprouts out there?

I haven’t had any Brussels sprouts but that was one of the questions Armijo asked the first day. Dinners are good though.

5. Is the food way different there than London?

Yes because there are no African people in Yeovil so now it’s just straight English food.

6. Any investigators?

We have a recent convert that we work with who was baptized 3 months ago his name is Dave and he loves music. He has vinyl of all the old music. Probably over 2000 records.


This week was a lot of fun. Even though we got some horrible news; our car is getting taken away. Not because I’m a horrible driver but because a senior couple is coming into the mission so they will get the car. Which is lame. We have the second biggest area right behind Barnstable and they have a car. Bus passes are well expensive so it will probably cost more. But they dont give cars to missionaries because this mission has the highest accidents so they have taken most of the cars out. But we need a car in Yeovil. Not having one is going to seriously hinder the work because we can never go outside of Yeovil now. Its absolute rubbish, but oh well, we will work with what we have. Armijo and I were fairly upset when we got this phone call. It gets taken away the first of March. But after that little tirade we had a lot of fun. We had to drive a lot because the sisters in Weymouth (haha your old town Mum) missed their train so we had to drive them to their flat which is an hour to get there and hour back. Then Salisbury had a baptism yesterday so on Thursday we had to drive out there which is an hour and half. After we interviewed the little lady we made a tiny little pitstop at …STONEHENGE! It was proper. I got to see one of the wonders of the world! Remember how I was talking about once in a lifetime opportunities, along with teaching the gospel, well this was definitely one of them. It was a good time I got a couple pictures and stuff which will come attached. The experience was unreal.

 Me and Armijo are the exact same. We get along very well, it’s so much easier when you have a companion that you get along with. We worked a lot with less active members this week and yesterday at church we had 4 less actives show up!!!! That was good. It’s so nice to see the hard work that gets put in actually does something so quickly. An answer to prayers really.

Bummer is I am sick again this week. This is like my 4th time being sick I don’t know what’s going on. Armijo and I just woke up one morning and both looked at each other and were like dang this stinks. So we got some of this olbas oil which is exactly like vicks vapor rub (mom) except a lot higher potency- like it makes your sinuses burn and it makes your skin get really cold and stuff. It’s wicked. But anyhow,we put drops of the oil on our pillow cases to sleep better and I put a lot on and I guess sometime during the night it got on my face/eyes so my eyes were BURNING but because they were really cold, not hot. It reminds me of icy hot. I’m like addicted to the olbas oil now and I always just carry it around and sniff it and stuff. I probably look ridiculous.  Elder Armijo has some really cool church music. It’s basically primary songs but on like techno and dubstep beats so driving around is awesome fun and jamming out to hymns. I’m looking for a good hill to get my whip off the ground. Haven’t really found any yet but I’m fairly persistent.


Elder Mecham- Love you all

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Look who came to dinner!

Loved having him!

The girls agree with the Tuckers:  "elder HANDSOME"

Sorry Shawn, Wendell is a one man cat. 
We had the DELIGHTFUL experience of having Elder Mecham's first companion/trainer Elder Shawn Hansen stop at our house on his way home from visiting friends in Provo.  He spent a few hours with us telling us tales of the mission and giving us information on Elder Mecham's adjustment to life in England. It was great to meet him.  It was a great time for our family.  Everyone loved him, well maybe not Wendell, but all the people sure loved him.


The New Companion~  Elder Armijo

And he is driving in Yeovil
I wonder if it rains this much in Yeovil-  Elder Mecham in Croyden on a typical rainy day.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I have lost half a stone already...


Ok so the area Yeovil is awesome it is all country and the closest village is Glastonbury which is like 30 minutes’ drive and check this, it is a witchcraft place!!!! It has the creepiest vibe to it. There is this big tower on a hill that overlooks everything and it’s crazy. Witches just walk the streets. No lie. So elder Armijo is the exact same as me except instead of lacrosse he plays basketball. We have the exact same personality. He likes the same music and movies as me and most importantly he likes to do contacting the same way I do so it is perfect and really fun all the time. Have Shawn Hansen tell you about him. We never have a quiet moment because there is so much to talk about. He got me hooked to Pepsi max and we came up with a new diet called the max cheese diet. I have lost half a stone already. All we do is eat cheese and drink a ton of Pepsi max. (oh and with him we do and workout in the mornings after we pray and before we study)  It’s working really well. We have a ukulele in our flat so elder Armijo is teaching me how to play. It’s also a lot of fun learning to play and it is good. Speaking of fun, driving is a lot of fun. I just want to go out to buy sunglasses today because no matter what there is always sun right in my eyes and it makes me squint more than I already do!! haha Oh also I’m sure you were freaking out, but I will be emailing late like this from now on because instead of having to work from 6-9 pm after pday we have to do it before so we have the night left. Here we  can get more work in this way because people are active at 11 and we don’t bother their tea times this way. That is a big thing out here and it better not to bother them then.  Yeovil is a pretty old area like age wise. All of our investigators except one are over 40. There are a lot more old people here.


I really like it over here. Not much street contacting but the knocking is really fun and successful and people aren’t in a huge rush everywhere so it’s easy to get a good convo going with them. Here is how it goes-Normally  now the first thing we mention is the gospel and how we are from America and how I live in Las Vegas and then, boom,  I have their attention. Then we tell them what we are doing in Yeovil.  Often they ask lot of questions about Vegas. Vegas opens a lot of doors here.  Seriously.  After talking for a bit about Vegas I can talk to them about the gospel and what I really have to say.  They have to want to talk to us first and somehow Vegas gets people talking.  I am glad for that because people here don't just talk otherwise.

 Good for Garrett Winters and Robert Pike. Serving will make a big difference in their lives and change them both for the better. It has me.  They just have to remember that the first night they are doing the right thing for the right reason and once they get out of the MTC it will be good.  The MTC is like that Elder said.. Spirit Prison.

So why will Zac be playing with me for 2 years? I am glad, but why? Where did Hayden have surgery and what for?

Ok so funny story, the ward here is a little crazy But it is awesome. Sacrament meeting had some interesting testimonies this week. There are some characters in this ward but they love the Lord. We are fed really well too so that’s always good. What do you have for me from Tank?  How to whistle? Or some motivational speech that would make a kid cry? Ha I’m excited to see what it will be, it will probably be something classic.  He is really important to me and taught me a lot.  I always smile thinking of the good old days of playing highschool lax for him. Those were the days. Man I miss those days. Tell the kids to enjoy it.  I often reminisce about those days  and even conditioning and stuff. Tank probably has the same memories… (after all we were the dream team...)

Going to a new area is crummy for this reason- because now I have no idea where places are so I’m am always asking directions and even I get annoyed with myself. The language over here is well different from Croydon. it’s like a whole new dialect. I don’t have much to write this week because I emailed 4 days ago. I will send pic to make up for the lack of a letter... also should I send the sd cards?  Let me know.
As far as Robert Pike goes- He is going to be a great missionary. He knows what it takes. The only place in the US better than where he is going is New England…of course but Green Bay will be fun (and cold like here). Remind him that he will be able to convert the likes of Aaron Rogers. That should be his goal. Not quite as cool as Tom Brady, but a close second. Tell him to try the cheese max diet that I am on and we can write once he gets his ldsaccount.

Here are the answers to some of your questions

1. Letters? none

2. Car? What type? Vauxhall meriva. Silver with suicide doors. It’s fly.

3. Driving? What is it like? A lot of fun. The roads are tiny it’s awesome.

4. Comp? Tell us about him. The exact same as me except he is ridiculously good at basketball. He is known throughout the mission as the best bballer. Hardest worker in the mission. President loves him.

5. Teaching? What are you doing? We have a good bunch of investigators. Driving frees up time so we visit a lot of less actives and go knocking and stuff... hard to street contact because no one is really on the streets

6. Who are you investigators? Melanie. Ann who has a member husband. June who is solid. And others that I can’t remember. Oh and Richard who is an older guy

7. Is it city or country where you are? Country as can be... separated by little villages

8. SEND MORE PHOTOS of your new area. k

9. Can I send packages to your flat or should I send them to the mission home? Flat.

10. Why do you drive instead of your comp? Because he can’t and I can due to the way we can drive with US license for one year.

Elder Mecham- love you all


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Elder Mecham's last night with the Tuckers

This is from Sister Julie Tucker- Elder Mecham has come to love this sweet family as he has served in the Croyden area.

Elder Mecham shared the spiritual message with us Sunday evening.

Phillipean 4:5-8 "You can't have the spirit when you don't have good thoughts. The spirit can't direct you if you're not thinking good thoughts. It can be hard to keep virtuous thoughts. When you have bad thoughts, then the spirit can't help you. If you're thinking about how bad the kids are at school or homework, then you won't have the spirit with you. We are brought closer to our Heavenly Father through virtuous thoughts." Elder Mecham I had my computer with me and typed away while he spoke. I missed a few lines here and there, but those were his words, generally. I was impressed by his choice. I think all of us, particularly my teenagers, get negative about being here sometimes, that we're going to totally miss out. We need to be more positive. His message was definitely tailored toward our family.

Yeovil (yo-vil) and Elder Armijo (arm-e-ho)

Ok so big news I’m out in Yeovil. (yoh-vul) It is going to be great. We had to take a train up to Staines and then met a bunch of missionaries there... I got elder ARMIJO (ar-mi-ho). And his companion gives me the keys and just says 'are you ready to drive' and leaves the keys with me. So I have a car in Yeovil because our area is freaking huge. It covers so much space. Oh and I’m DRIVING!. It is so crazy. President Millar didn’t even tell me I was going to drive right away really ha-ha. This came at such a surprise but it’s awesome. After I had elder Armijo I had to take elder Lamb to his new are in Christchurch which was a 2 /12 hour drive and then we went and picked up some items for Armijo and then drove to Yeovil which was another 2 hours. It is crazy driving here. Elder Armijo is a boss me and him are the exact same. Like literally I will ask him what kind of food he likes and he says really spicy food. He is a ridiculously good basketball player. He was friends with Taylor Heyman too. It is going to be a short email because I haven’t really done anything in Yeovil yet and I haven’t met anyone either. Armijo says our ward is awesome. It is going to be a fun moves. He is super hard working but also loves to have a ton of fun. President loves him. And when elders were asking me who I was with and I told them Armijo they all said how lucky I was and that he is everyone’s favorite and how much they wanted to serve with him. He goes home in April so I will probably kill him off as well. Our flat in Yeovil is so nice it’s awesome we both have our own bathroom and our flat is huge. It is so sick. Send me the shirt before you send it to the tuckers. I will send it from Yeovil to them. Elder Blumenthal was fairly close to Croydon but now we are on opposite sides of the mission. Elder Fingerle is in Staines about a 3 hour car drive. Happy birthday Mum!You are old... like an antique now. Hahahaha Oh and send me the package of stuff like the comfortable foot things. Thank you.. I will email you back on Monday. Oh by the way elder Albrechtsen isnt ap anymore. He is training a newb for his last moves. It is a good way to go. He will be great. I am good the work will be great here in Yeovil. Joey~ love you all Elder Joey Mecham 6 Somerset court Preston road Yeovil, Somerset, England BA21 3FD