Monday, January 7, 2013

Like yea it’s cold but not super freezing. You do however, get soggy pockets when it rains...


This week was pretty dang good. The baptism for O....... is set for this Saturday.  Oh ya!! He is the nine year old we have been working with.   Unfortunately, the other two baptismal dates have been dropped. The girl that we teach is nice but a very slow learner and she doesn’t really understand a lot of things. We have taught her about Joseph Smith like 6 times. And the next day when we ask her who he is she always says I don’t know I have never even met him. Who is he? It is ridiculously frustrating. It kind of reminds me of the film with Adam Sandler called 50 first dates. That is the situation I am dealing with. I feel like I need to make her a video of what we taught her and give it to her every morning.

Anyways I started to read the New Testament about 4 days ago and I am finished with Matthew. I can’t study when I hop around from place to place. I need to read stuff through... I wasted (well not wasted) about the first 4 months of my mission hopping around from place to place... I do better if I read right through and go in order. I have finished the book of Mormon again. The Old Testament will be soon. I am also learning all sorts of languages or phrases in languages. I know how to say “Hi, how are you?" in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Afrikaans, Swedish, Ghanaian (twi), in Delta,  Urabai, Arabic or whatever the Indians speak, in English and in mine own way. Oh and of course good old Chinese. It comes in handy when you stop someone on the street. Midway through talking with them we will talk about the book of Mormon and I will just ask where they are from and if they are from a place that has one of those languages I will ask them how they are doing. And they just automatically love you and adore you. Because elder martins can speak Spanish and Portuguese we always try to spot the Portuguese houses. Sunday night we had 2 teaches with different Portuguese families. It was funny because all I did was sit there and smile... (ok, and maybe watch a little Portuguese tele.) Man the television is super distracting. I can’t even understand what they are saying let alone with the tv on. Every once in a while I will ask what they just asked or said but not too much... the families just look at me and make fun of me and laugh. But I can’t really tell when they do it because they won’t look at me when they are doing it... so normally I just ask what everyone is laughing about and that’s how I find out. It’s well kool.

We met this Ghanaian guy who was just super excited that we started talking to him... turns out he use to investigate the church with his wife and daughters. But for some reason the elders stopped visiting them. So we set up a teach with them on Saturday it should be proper... the wife seems really funny. She wants me to marry one of her daughters. She just said that right away... she said “ohhh one you’re very handsome young man and you’re tall my daughter will love you you should marry her.”   Maybe that’s why the elders stopped visiting them? I have come to the conclusion that it really isn’t that cold here now and that everyone just exaggerates. Like yea it’s cold but not super freezing. You do however, get soggy pockets when it rains... the other night I couldn’t even tell that it was rainy like you couldn’t see any rain drops or anything but miraculously you were still getting stung with the rain.... it’s not like the elder Bertha rain that he describes in Brazil where it’s just a tremendous downfall of water... it’s just like tiny tiny droplets that come down so hard that you can’t even see them.... like a mister of sorts... it’s odd.... anyways not much is happening really so I guess that is all for this week... وداعا ,totsiens, zbogom (teddy ferrin should like that one) selamat tinggal (Johnson) שלום ,afscheid (ellsworths) addio, Moce (Pat Matheson should appreciate that)

So, can you paint over Bret’s room now? Just make it a boring old person color... we aren’t kids now. Millie just wanted the queen size bed because Jenna is only there half the time and she will leave in a couple months! Can you hang up all my jackets as well? Anyways I feel like I spent a ton of money this past week.... mainly because I have…uh oh! But the January sales are awesome here. Kind of like home. I just bought a sick uk suit... more specifically a team great britain suit... the ones that they wore in the Olympics. And then I got all my suits tailored to the English approvement. Everyone in the mission regards me as the fashion elder... its proper. Elder Fawson my zone leader always calls and asks if he should buy this and that because he is going home soon. So I am his fashion adviser.... I wouldn’t mind doing that as a side gig for the models of the world.... I just need to wear vnecks and turtle necks and gel my long hair back and wear sunglasses inside. Now that would be the life.

Another thing, It has been established in our ward that I like fufu. Sister Sackey has made it for us mama Vega has made it for us sister Dianna has made it for us and Selina took us to a Ghanaian restaurant to eat it... Poor elder Martins he can’t handle spicy food... I just have to laugh at him when he struggles with the spicy food. Sorry Elder.   I love spicy food. Except that one time I killed myself with the habanero and it burned a hole in my stomach and I was throwing up some blood and then passed out on my room floor.

 You should tell Zack D.  to email me... I would love to hear from him. Ha Tank has to deal with all the little munchkins now....Sam and Justin are enough to handle, then you add in Bret and that’s just too much... tell Tank hello for me. I guess the glory days are behind me, oh well memories shall suffice.


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