Monday, January 28, 2013

Leaving Croyden

So we are allowed one hour on Monday to write emails to President and what have you. But he only told me that I was going to be moved with an elder who is going home soon. Before the interview he asked if I could drive and I said that I had an American license and he said 'oh good well we will need to get you an English one now' and then told me we would talk about it in our interview. But at the end of the interview I asked him about driving and he just responded 'notice how I won’t answer your question' My deductive reasoning skills tell me that I will be moved to an area with a car and to an area where a missionary will go home soon... I have some ideas but nothing of full knowledge. I’m guessing oxford or the west. But we will see what happens. How much weight did dad really lose? Does he exercise at all? He should. That’s good for Bret. That was a good writing from Hayden. I appreciated it. It’s very similar to a mission. Where does he do this writing? Is it a blog? Does Lythgoe have a blog by the way? I want to read his stuff. He sounds like he is doing well from our email convos? Today we will be having exchanges so I will stay in Croydon today with elder Perry my zl for today. I just planned a ton of member visits so I can say bye to everyone. This ward was awesome and the Tucker family was awesome. We played colored eggs, which is a family game of theirs and it’s a lot of fun. It is going to be interesting to be leaving Croydon. First because it is my first area and I know it so well, I know where to go and where not to go I can give directions to people and stuff like that and secondly because it’s a part of London so it’s an actual city. Coming from Las Vegas to Croydon was an easy transition because most city people are the same, always in a rush, big jobs and big shopping. But not all of the mission is like London. And thirdly is because it’s all I know. How you do missionary work in Croydon will be a lot different than other places in England. Because I spent a quarter of my mission here I feel like I have done what I needed to do here and it’s time to move on. It will be interesting to see where I end up. I want to share this with you- One thing that has been constantly in my mind is the 'five people theory' in which everyone is connected to everyone in the world somehow by at most 5 people. I just picture it as everyone being tiny little spiders and we run a single web line through someone else web every time we meet someone new. I picture my spider (a very in shape spider with huge biceps) just going through other peoples web and stuff. But the more I thought about it the more my one webstrand does. When you look at it closely my strand can either benefit and strengthen someone’s web or completely destroy and make weak the other persons web. All from one tiny little encounter. The influence one person can make from a tiny little event or greeting can change someone’s web forever. But from the big picture you are just merely having small encounters everyday that form the giant web that we all call LIFE. The best spiders are the ones that give that strongest webstrands not the ones that have the biggest web. I hope I am helping others to strengthen their webs. That’s all today. I will write when I can about where I am. Elder Mecham

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