Monday, January 14, 2013

I met a Nepalese bro and got to actually say ‘namaste’ and bow to him and he did the exact same thing back. Once in a lifetime opportunity right there.

Where will Robert Pike and Garret W go on their missions?
1. That is great!  I think Robert will go somewhere in the deep south. And I think Garrett will go to Peru. Or another country in South America.

How was the baptism?  Was there a baptism?
2. It was good... photo attached. I am so happy for his family.

Where are my photos?
3. Sister Tucker said I could give my card to her and she could upload them to the same place you got the last photos so you could download them from there... or I can send it home... which one?

Who did you want me to add to your blog?
4. Whoever else has gone... I don’t know, can you find out?

What are you reading this week?
5. Luke

6. I got a postcard of the Cayman Islands from Anne Capener

7. Some good lip chap. Not bacon flavour

Elder Martins?
8. He is doing fine.  We are good.

Do you ever get to use your sticks?
9. Yes kind of.

So not much happened this week.... SYKEEEEE.. O..... got baptized and his mom and brother were well excited.  They are great and this is good for their family. He was nervous too.(me too) It was funny. Everything went well except it was supposed to start at noon and only the family and us were there. Then like 10 past a ton of people showed up it was very good and a good experience for all there. But really other than the baptism it has been a fairly down week. It just started to get super cold again, it snowed this morning and is supposed to snow heavy tonight and tomorrow night as well. We taught two Portuguese people but while we are there I have no idea really how it is  going because they speak in Portuguese but from body language and facial expressions I was assuming it went well. Elder Martins fills me in on how it’s going. We have no investigators that we see regularly now. That bites. Most days we just try to visit less active and contact all day. Everyone always asks if we are Jehovah’s witnesses. I don’t have much to write in this email because after the baptism we have nothing. No new people to teach so no funny or uplifting stories. The people we do teach are Portuguese so I can’t even understand. It’s kinda nice though just sitting back and listening to Portuguese and just feeling the spirit of it. I pick up on the little words that the say that have been taught to me. It’s well funny when they speak the little English they can to me because sometimes I don’t even realise that they are speaking English so I kind of just blankly stare at them and just look at them like 'you know I don’t speak Portuguese stop being foolish' look. It’s a good time. It reminds me of when in anchorman Ron Burgundy is talking to his dog Baxter and Baxter barks Spanish and Ron says. " Baxter you know I don’t speak Spanish. English!" That’s the only way I can put it.

I wish I could go on the atkins diet. It sounds like a proper man’s food diet. And I have been deprived of a delicious grilled steak. The missionary budget isn’t the most accommodating for whole foods. I have turned into a Michael Weston of sorts. I eat a ton of yogurt now. Sometimes I will crumble my chocolate into the yogurt and just eat it like so. Yogurt has now quickly become the staple of elder Mecham’s food source... and it is pretty cheap. So it all works out. Anyways sorry for the lame letter. No proper experience has really happened lately other than the baptism which was proper.

I am though going to make a quote book. A book of all the quotes I have thought up throughout the mission. So far I have two. I’m looking to make millions. Here is one that I have come up with that has been fairly applicable this week. "Opposition creates optimistic opportunities". But it’s true. If everything went perfect there wouldn’t be any proper optimism because everything would already be good. If someone was to ask me if the last week was rough I would blatantly say numbers don’t lie. We had like 4 teaches. But it had a lot of happy moments in it. Number one of course being the baptism. That was a great event. Another lesser being that I remembered a full song that I have been trying to remember forever now. The other being that I met well dope Portuguese people. Another being that I met a Nepalese bro and got to actually say ‘namaste’ and bow to him and he did the exact same thing back. Once in a lifetime opportunity right there. Another being this sick kid I met named J. Another is finding out that Ryan Gosling is in another movie, called gangsters (something). Ryan gosling isn’t going to be an actor forever you know. And to cap it all off I got word from you my Patriots are going to the AFC championship game after wrecking the Texans... Can you rub that in Brad and Ana Garrets face please... because the Steelers didn’t even make it into the playoffs.. haha... So whoever says that the bad times out number the good times on their mission are wrong. All the good things for them were based on numbers like baptisms and teaches. Which is a righteous thing. But if that’s all that matters then England would be a miserable mission and I would have to ask to be sent to south America. so yes it was rough, but it was a happy week, a great week, for O and his family it was a life changing week.  It reminds me of lacrosse. I play lacrosse because it’s fun and I like it but it has some of the worst memories tied to it. But at the same time it has the best  and te most memorable. Ya, we lost to CSU = bad but every day after practice you get to chill at the canc or Gandolfos with some of the best people in the world.... proper... so the good things always outnumber the bad if you let them. signing off.

Joey- love you all

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