Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Talking to you guys on Christmas was simple the best.

Christmas morning before leaving the flat

Talking to you guys on Christmas was simply the best.  I enjoyed every minute even with a little bit of skype trouble.  That stinks for the Moody’s that Mary has a no skype rule.  I am sure Dee hates that rule.   Well it was probably one of the longest weeks in my entire mission. The holidays were most excellent and I was so geared up  to do missionary work but we have been meeting one roadblock after another.  The whole week just slumped and died basically. We had 0 teaches this week.  It really was that slow. I was dying!   That is the first time I had 0 teaches in my mission. Everyone was just too busy or in such a rush that nothing happened and ended up just walking from street to street trying to do all the work possible. We stopped by former investigators that said to come by in mid-January and we even went to less active members and they said come back in Mid January as well.  It wasn’t like any bad happened this week it was just that nothing happened this week in terms of missionary work.  That makes for long weeks and feeling pretty bad about it all.  I am hoping the new Year will bring about changes.  We did get to meet some cool members of the ward though and getting to know them should help our efforts in the work. Christmas was like 50 million times better than anything though and I loved talking to the family.  So after I skyped you all we played monopoly and had dinner.  I won monopoly. I remember loving that game when I was a little kid and I still love that game now.  The packages were great as well I have so much sweets and chocolate. I think everyone will like the Christmas packages I am sending home.

Uh oh, here comes the weather news.  (See I told you it's that slow.  I am like and old man talking about weather) Most of our area is flooded and all the trains and buses are cancelled because of the big storm that came. Everyone had fences and stuff that were blown over. Remember I told you that we were supposed to do exchanges on Friday but the trains were cancelled. Luckily Royal Tunbridge Wells is on a hill so this town isn’t flooded but everywhere around us is. We find out tomorrow morning if we are moving or not. I think I am staying. 

I was thinking this week it is the  New Year. I have not set foot on American soil for the entire year. Have not heard the new music or seen a new film.  I have not done a lot of things that most 20 year olds do during their twentieth year, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  I have spent all of 2013 in the service of the Lord and my fellow man.  Not much can top that.  I guess I should make it my resolution to continue that after my return.  What a world it would be if everyone served the Lord and their fellow man.  Utopia I think is what it’s called.   But that is all for now... looks like it will be another stormy week seeeeyaaaaaaaaa!


Elder Mecham out for 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Now that Marleice and Mike are married they have officially become Mike and his wife.

So the H---- are that family that came to church, but on Sunday only the dad A-----and his 2 oldest boys came C----- who is 10 and R----- who is 6. so N-----stayed with L----- who is 10 weeks.   The dad also said she went out shopping doing all the last minute adjustments for Christmas. I am working as hard as I can to get this family together .  I  know that baptism is in their future for the mom.   We had a nativity done by the primary in sacrament it was so funny because there isn’t a lot of kids in the primary, and the primary kids are always funny. It was wonderful really and it reminded me of our days as nativity actors at the annual party at the Stutz’ house.  How I dreaded every year with you and Dee saying, Joey and Mary are obviously  Joseph and Mary.  Seriously.  The only thing worse was your Joey the red lipped reindeer song.  I’m glad that Mike and his wife stayed with you. Now that Marleice and Mike are married they have officially become Mike and his wife.  Marleice will forever be know as  Mike's wife or Fabrizio's lady or Breezy's girl, she lost her name I think. Similar to you and how you are my mom  and everyone calls you Joey's mom. Well now everyone is going to call Marleice Mike's wife... especially because he is on the lacrosse team and is a star.  Funny how that goes.  I wonder if she was on ateam and he wasn’t if it would be he’s Marleice’s husband.  Hmmmmm?  I am glad Mike is looking forward to our return.  I look forward to it too, but honestly it is not what I think about right now.  It will be great though. The photos of them with Flat Elder Mecham were great, but I look broken in those.  Did I rip or something? I got one box with BYU tape on it from the family but wasn’t sure if that was it or if there is more because the office had all my boxes on the bottom of this huge pile because I wasn’t supposed to go to the temple on Tuesday.   We were supposed to go on Thursday but elder Harrison was leaving so we went on Tuesday.  How perfect is the temple by the way.  I cannot wait to go with Dad.  I want to do a temple trip with Dad and Bret before he goes out to his mission.  I also can’t wait for ward temple days where you just go one session after another.  It is like the single best way to spend a few hours.  I know you guys go a lot, but go more.  Like every week at least twice.  I got to see elder Munson at the temple so you can ask his mom for pictures because I think he took quite a few. Elder Lythgoe's dad, elder Lythgoe  (haha he is a missionary too, get it)emailed me.  What a great guy.  He also sent me some cat pics.  So sick.  I am so going to write sister Bertha please tell her, when I get some  time. She sent me more mail. She is great and also my arch nemesis sister Edgel  sent me mail.  How she loves to hate me.  Haha  She cracks me up.  I got a package from Selina, and the Ash family and the Lythgoe's and I got more mail from bishop and the Garretts .  The package from Sister Ash was fantastic.  Reading the testimonies of my friends and the messages they sent was wonderful.  When I think of all of us spread out all over the world I think of the passage in the book of Alma that says God is mindful of all of his people in whatever land they might be in.  It is Alma 26:37 if you want to look.  Well that is it,but I will see you in a couple days.... literally.  I know I will talk to you on Christmas but I want to tell you that I am doing great and am always aware of your prayers for me.  I am grateful for this time of year and am shocked by how quickly the time is passing.  Merry Christmas to all those I love.  Or should I say, Happy Christmas and sound like a true Brit!

Elder Mecham

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sick in bed

So right now I am in a tri by the way. I  got a call from President late that night saying that he is sending me a companion until elder Harrison goes home, so I think I might be staying in Tunbridge Wells now with a newer missionary. He has been out for 4 months his name is elder Poulino, he is from Rotterdam, Holland and I’m probably will be his follow up trainer but I don’t know if he is my companion for this next move because I haven’t been told anything yet.  On Tuesday I was pretty sick and then Wednesday I started feeling good and elder Poulino came and he was just getting over his sickness and then we both felt pretty sick again on Thursday. Friday elder Harrison got really sick and is still sick while I’m doing well now.  Hopefully we will all be past it! My trainer elder Hansen has been home for a year now. I killed off 2 missionaries right before Christmas! That has been a tough thing to do.   So I don’t think elder Munson will be my companion which I was really hoping for because I felt like we could get a lot of work done as well as having a good time.  I had hoped to have that happen but I know President knows what he is doing.  I  will see him on tuesday. In good news, We have been trying to work with this part member family. The husband came to the Christmas social and then their whole family came on Sunday.... the husband is a member but his wife isn’t and they have 3 boys aged 10,6,5 months. We  went to bishops house and had lunch with them so hopefully they are able to progress. I have had many conversations with him about the nature of families and I have shared how it is important for them to become active. It would be nice if I could get them going. I feel a lot of success in this already.  The area I am in is pretty dead and I feel like our work with this family is bringing them around.  Please pray for us that we can bring the spirit to them and their hearts will be softened.   I liked the sweaters on our cats by the way.Millie and Bret looked exceptionally creepy.  I have  think that is all so I will try to send pictures right now but I haven’t taken too many at all.  Too bad I wasn’t with Munson.  He takes a bajillion. I can't believe how quickly Christmas is approaching.   Christmas is nice here in England too.  It has been cold and wet so much for so long that people just look away when we approach, but at Christmastime people here are a little bit happier and a little more interested in talking with us.  I think it is maybe because they know we are messengers from Christ, and let’s face it, people can try to say is just the holiday season, but we all know that is rubbish.  It’s Christ’s season.   

Elder Mecham

Okay so I don't look it here, but I was sick!  How do you like this bedding?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Stoker's old Mission Pres!
So before I forget to tell you... Stoker's old mission President is in my ward here, apparently our mission is giant compared to everyone else’s. I knew the area was big but we have 250 missionaries and stoker's mission has 85 brother Cempero said. He said Stoker was a great missionary though. And I can tell you that did not come as a surprise to me.He was always a good missionary, even before the mission.  So I am going to the temple on the 17th so that is when I will pick all the stuff up.  Thank you for sending things.  I do appreciate it so much.  In missionary news, we have been handing out little Christmas cards for our Christmas service on the 22nd. I am so hoping we get some folks to come.  Sunday night we went on splits with the bishop and his counselor. The Bishop said he would have us take on the more challenging folks . Elder Harrison and brother Woodward got the easy people and had a good time together visiting and spreading good cheer.  As luck would have it, Bishop and I got the angry people and we had to help 2 people remove their names because they have been asking to for about 20 years and they were angry.  Reminded me of some of Dad’s adventures that he writes me about going out with the Elders in Vegas.  Anyhow, it was not too bad as it sounds and  we had a good time as well. We had a ward Christmas party on Saturday night which went well.  It is always good to be with the saints.  Oh so guess what.... I fulfilled a lifelong childhood dream.... I set off the fire alarm in the chapel today, which is why I am emailing late.  Shout out to the Bennion kids who I think have set it off collectively more than any other family.  Tell Bishop he can claim me as his own. Anyhow stupid really, but hilarious.  The alarm has a glass case and said break glass here so I poked the dot, not to break it but to tap it.  I don’t know why.  It was like a reflex when it said “here” I touched the dot.  The glass was actually super thin and broke and the fire alarm went off... took us a good while to try to stop it... I ended up putting the glass back together to keep this button down.... but that was pretty dang exciting!  Oh and yes I heard about Alexis getting engaged and Marleice getting married... Both great bits of news.  It is so strange to think my friends are married.  I am certain that we are all still just freshmen at BYU sometimes.  Other times it seems like I have been here for 100 years.  Mission time warp!  That book of Mormon challenge is done for me. I will ikely get it read again before the time is up. I can read it proxy for a non reader.  How is all your family history going mum?  You baptise a lot more people than I do that is for sure.


PS I cut my own hair

Elder Mecham

Monday, December 2, 2013


So yea I saw elder Munson at the zone conference we had on Wednesday and it was so much fun... I sent you a picture with elder Munson elder Bodhaine and elder Kirk. We got to listen to elder Texeira and elder Herbertson. Both in the quorums of the seventy and check this elder Texeira asked to talked to 5 people and I was one of them! So I had an interview with him and we just chatted.   It was dope yo. He was such a great guy and had such a strong spirit about him, but he just normal too.  He asked me lots of questions and really listened to my answers.  He also gave me some wonderful ideas and advice.  It was a high point in my mission for sure.  I was pleased that I was one of the few chosen to speak with him. It was so good seeing elder Munson i am so going to his homecoming. Do you ever talk to his mom? Probably you two are exactly alike because we are. Also I don’t need too much for Christmas but i know the perfect place to get all the girls in the family presents... I’m not sure about dad or Bret though. So what would they like? We had exchanges this week which went pretty good. Tell sister Bertha I am going to write her a letter for Christmas. She is awesome she writes me like everyday I think. oh also BIG SHOUTOUT  TO MIKE AND MARLEICE FABRIZIO (MARLEIZIO) So happy for them... This week was a good week even though the work isn’t like the greatest or anything it seems like tons of good stuff happened. We didn't teach many lessons of course but I worked as hard as I could.  Prayer is real and it works.  I just have come to realize that answers do not come when we want them.  They come in God’s own time.  He has me here planting the seeds of his gospel.  They are taking root and if that is all that is all.  But someday they will grow forth.

Oh and I  also think I want to be a part time fashion designer or something maybe.  That is how I can pay for all the medical schooling. Sister Millar says hi... tell Shawn Rios hey! I’m sure he everyone is telling him to get married already He will probably be married when I get home and there will be even less bachelor cousins. Hey for Thanksgiving the ward took us to a carvery place and we had Thanksgiving there. It was really good and I was so full. Thanksgiving reminds me of all I have to be grateful for.  I am so grateful for you and the family I have because of you.  I am also grateful for the ward that raised me along with you.  Grateful too for my friends and the examples they set.  Mostly though I am grateful to Jesus Christ for his atonement and am grateful to be a missionary so I can teach others about the plan of salvation and their potential on earth and beyond.  God truly loves us and he is involved in the details of our lives.

Elder Mecham

Monday, November 25, 2013

We are about as bad as kittens.

That package was hilarious. I made the ‘Thanksgiving dinner’ except I opened the package and I didn’t know it was all for that so I gave the pringles to a sister in my district because she loves them. So I had the dinner without mashed potatoes. It was still pretty good. I asked sister Millar if i could wear the turkey hat and she said no, so rules are rules. I liked that lip chap that you sent me. So thank you for the package. I will make sure to send some pictures for you. This week was cold and rainy I had to wear my winter jackets. Not too much work is actually happening in this area, it’s pretty dead. No one is really interested right now and it doesn’t help that it is dark by 4:30.  The people here are mostly elderly so they think that we hooligans out on th street past dark.  It is kind of funny at times because we are like the exact opposite of holigans.  I couldn’t be less hooliganish.  Remember when Johnson and I got stopped walking at night by police officers.  We were like, “nope, we are not thug types at all.  Here we were I am about to leave on my mission and he just got home and the cops are taking their time talking to us.  We were like, “no, you guys could seriously use your time better than this. We are about as bad as kittens.” So anyhow,  past 4:30 and missionary work is impossibly hard and it’s like this never ending circle of we can’t knock past 4 and the people don’t get home from work until 6. So this area has its fair share of hiccups. There isn’t much as missionaries that we can do really in a situation like this... normally we would try to schedule all our appointments for after 4 but we have no one to schedule appointments with so that’s another circle. so a lot of the time it is just doing street contacting and even then its dark outside and the area is posh so they don’t really have street lights so we look really scary to people. Most people have cars so they aren’t outside in the first place, another circle.... So there are all these tiny little circles that never end until it gets a bit brighter at night time really.  I just read that and it sounds horrible.  It isn’t I just say it by way of explanation.  I don’t want you to think I am not happy.  I am .  I am working hard too.  Sometimes it is a bit challenging is all. On the bright side, we are trying to visit all the former investigators. My companion is pretty funny so it makes time go by a little easier. We had interviews with president on Friday which was nice.He is agood guy and I always enjoy talking to him.   The train we had to take to get to Orpington, where the interviews were, broke down so we had to hop on a train they told everyone to get on and it went right past Orpington station and straight to London. When we got to London and had to take the train back to Orpington..... It was an adventure.  I tried to  talk to very one on the train.  Hoping I could drum up some work.  It used to be so unnatural for me to talk to people, now it’s easy.  Anyhow, I  like this area but it is pretty difficult.  I was reading in the book of Mormon in Mosiah about how the sons of Mosiah went to preach to the Lamanites.  It could not have been easy. I mean it had to have been hard so I guess I will just have to remember that sometimes what is hard is what we need.  I hope and pray for success. 

Elder Mecham

Monday, November 11, 2013


Nov 11

Ya Ya Go BYU! All the pictures were sick! How did the team look? Pretty good? It is good you were talking with Hayden. Sounds like his talk was excellent.  You always love his talks Mum. I have super short time today and have a bunch to do.  We do a lot of service so we are busy with it.  I got an email from the Lythgoes! That was sick. I get sister Bertha’s letters every week but the problem is that our zone leaders don’t go to the temple every week so I get them maybe once a month and then I never know which one to write back about because she already sends me two more by the time I get her last 4. Her letters are the great. So like i said moves are on Wednesday but I find out where I am moved tonight. I am pretty certain  I am going because I have already been here for over 6 months.  The next moves is on the day after Christmas so I heard that no one is really moving on that day so it’s either now or in February. We are excited for Thanksgiving which may or may not be cool depending on who I am with.  Here it is just another day, but some folks try to make it special for us.  We will see.  I have to go though.  Sorry for the dull letter.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pray for the people to soften their hearts

On the  13th of November moves happen. I know I am going because I have been here training for a long time and now Elder Morales will get his follow up trainer.  I have really enjoyed training and think I have been pretty good at it.  I am patient with him as he has learned the language and I think that has been very good for him.  I like serving with him a lot, but I know it is time for a change.  Dad told me BYU comes to Las Vegas soon. Let me know how that goes.  So on to the week…the zone leaders had a baptism on Friday.  It was great.  We don’t get to see too many so when we have them they are always very uplifting and bring a lot of joy to the mission.  Antony and Ashley went to that and they took us to get some pizza. They are a great family in this area. They also bought a little kitten a few weeks ago so you know how I am about that.  I miss the cats.  Don’t worry I will get several upon my return. Meow meow meow.  That means, ‘I am the cat man’, in cat language.   Hey are your friends coming for Christmas, are you going to give the box to them or are you shipping it? Just give it to the mission office either way.  I think that will be easiest for you and honestly you don’t have to send anything at all.  I don’t need it so please don’t feel like you have to spend on me.  I have way too much. you need to upload my other letters that I have sent.  Queston told me his mom found a place that prints blogs into books and I want my blog in a book so I can put it in a cardboard box of mission memorabilia and put it in my attic. Then when I am old my children and their children can read about old papa Mecham and his glory days.   I heard about the Sox. That’s pretty wicked. Too bad I missed it,but there will be a lifetime more when I get home. I bet Blake is dying that he missed it as well, we would have just been on espn that whole week if we were at the Y still. Ha.   I do still plan on Med school yes, so I will talk with Zech when I retrun.  It is hard to think of life after the mission now though.  Sorry if I don’t answer your questions about the post mission life like you would like.  As for med school in Boston, I would like that too.  I plan on living there and having a home in Connecticut and home in soCal. That way when people try to book a surprise visit to me in New England I will book a surprise trip to cali.... I am still aloner .  Pretty sick getaway plan huh.

Not much else to report.  I am sure you are dying mum when you read the letters of my friends who have nothing but news of one baptism after the next.  It kills me too, but I am here for a reason.  Pray for the people here to soften their hearts.

Elder Mecham

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

These Londoners might know about rain, but they know nothing of wind.

Hey family,

You didn’t answer any of my questions that I asked last week in your letter.  Also we should probably go back to the questions list again. Sometimes I don’t have a lot of time so it makes it easier. This week was pretty good! Yesterday everyone was talking about this huge storm to hit London and how it was going to be the biggest storm in like 30 years.  I was so siked.  I love storms. Remember the flood in Vegas?  I was thinking maybe some of that would be going on.  Sailing down the streets in canoes.  So I was all geared up for a great night of listening to it and maybe even running out in the rain for memory sake.  The night arrives and I was like “Storm? What storm?” It was just windy. Tiny showers and it was like just a bit above how windy it usually gets. So I was all excited for this huge storm to pass during the night and I woke up in the middle of the night (like I always do) and stand by our open windows and it was just windy... I got all excited for nothing.  It is windier in Vegas every day of the winter than it was here.  These Londoners might know about rain, but they know nothing of wind.  
The little storm he is talking about.  Read the full story below.

We haven’t got too many investigators to speak of right now and the members do their best to help us out.  I am sorry mom, but I certainly don’t have any golden investigators to tell you about for your talk in stake conference..haha I wish!  Write to Elder Tengberg or Lythgoe or any one of my Sur Americano amigos.    Hopefully next time!

I am still enjoying studying and yes I will take the challenge to read the Book of Mormon before the next stake conference.  Add me to the list.  It will be easy.  I read it so much and so often.  I could get through the Bible in that amount of time.  Speaking of stake conference, ours was awesome.  I loved seeing the Tuckers and bonus; all the speakers were great. 

So the story you told me about the two Marias and the Margherita is completely awesome.  It is like you are doing missionary work.  Looking them up is like knocking on doors.  And ya, I think Margherita is waiting for you to get going on her work.  That is pretty cool. 

We are going to start visiting a wonderful French family now. They are the G------ family. They have 4 kids from 28-20 and they are French so of course they  make good food. We are going to help them with their house. They converted their attic into a room so we are just taking old wallpaper down and put new wallpaper up. They are very nice people. Sister G----- served a mission in New Guinea so I thought of Elder Mikesell who would say that he always wanted to serve in Papua New Guinea when we were like in junior and high school. Haha. Now he is in Hong Kong with Sister Moody there too serving . Although it isn’t Papua I am sure he is down with it.  The other elders in our flat had a baptism on Saturday but we couldn’t go which was a huge bummer.  We were already filled up on Saturday so we didn’t get to see it.  I really would have liked to have been there.  We see so few baptisms.   This week, we just stuck to the basics and did contacting as much as possible.   We are not as successful as we would like of course but we work so hard at this.  The other night we went to a recent convert of about a year her name is M---- and she is from Sierra Leone. She knows how  I love the pepe and peanut butter soup so she made me an extra batch and gave me two pepes on the side to eat so of course I had to oblige.   It was so good. That is one of the first recipes I will cook for you. Peanut butter soup is so good. It’s one of my favorites for sure. It probably is my favorite. Tell Bro and Sister Patterson they are invited. 

This month has been going by really quickly. I have become a cheese connoisseur. Last week I had brie and camembert and goat cheese and stilton. This week I went for gorgonzola or something and I got a big wheel of brie. I like cheese now. It must mean that I am becoming more and more of a gentleman. I always have this huge urge to go out in my cleanest suit and then sit outside a little bakery when it is nice and sunny and just enjoy something like fizzy water to drink and a nice book and I would grow out this sick beard and get my hair long... like proper long. That’s my urge but for now it will take the backseat whilst I’m a missionary.  
Oh and Ma, You know how you asked me for photos, but then you told me you are being a 'bad mom' and not updating my blog?  Well read Matthew 25:29.  I can't give you lots of photos if you don't update my blog! hahahahhahaha jk Mum. 

All is well in London town.

Elder Mecham

Elder Mecham loses his beach ball in London!

UK weather: Giant beach ball bounces around London in powerful St Jude winds

The 10-metre wide ball had been tethered to a building but it broke free due to the very high winds
Surreal: This giant beach ball was spotted bouncing along a London roundabout
Surreal: This giant beach ball was spotted bouncing along a London roundabout
It was without doubt the most surreal moment of the morning.
These incredible pictures show an enormous BEACH BALL rolling around one of London's busiest roundabouts.
The 10-metre wide ball had been tethered to a building near Old Street Tube station.
But with powerful wind speeds caused by the huge storm, the ball broke free and began to bounce around.

Giant Beach Ball in London
Huge: The beach ball was tethered to a building but strong winds caused it to come loose
Giant Beach ball in London
Burst: Islington Council sent a team to the scene who popped the enormous ball

Pictures of it quickly emerged on social media sites showing motorists attempting to dodge the enormous ball as they made their way to work.
But as these pictures show, the ball soon became a victim of the storm.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bad Mother

So due to the pesky little thing called work, I am behind in updating Elder Mecham's blog.  I will get back to it shortly.
Here are a few photos of his adventures in England.
He got to see the Tucker s at Stake conference

Met a friend who all the other Elders say is his twin!

Together again with his pal Elder Blumenthal!

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Grandmas love us

Hi family,
This  is me and Munson on the train.  Twins?

Tucker boys.  Love these kids!
 Another rainy week and yes I am pasty white.  Thanks for noticing.  This week we had zone conference.  Antony came and that is great.  He is a good guy but we just can’t get him to commit.  Ma he is like you were.  It took you six years right?  What the heck Mum.  The missionaries must have been so frusturated with you.  Tell me, what do I do with someone like you.  What was your hold up?  It is really hard because we know he knows but he just won’t move on it.  Anyhow, zone was great.  Really great.  Learned a lot like always.  I have learned so much out here it is crazy.  I can tellyou with out a doubt I learned more here in just the short time I have been here than I have in any other time or place in my life.  Everyone should go on a mission.  Everyone.  So if my friends who haven’t gone even read this.  Get going.  Put your stuff in order and get to it mates. Anyhow at zone everyone kept telling me about some kid that was my identical twin. Elder Blumenthal lives with him so he grabbed him and brought him to me and the kid and I both looked at each other and I said “hey dude” and he said, “hey dude,” and then  we just walked away. Later someone else told us we look just alike and the kid and I met again but this time we chatted. I dont think he looks too much like me but he is identical in personality and everything. We talk the same we listen to the same music we wear the same clothes. His name is elder Munson from Pleasant Grove, Utah. So the rest of the night we just chatted and we even use the same slang. It is crazy. I will send you a picture to decide for yourself. We had stake conference and they asked all missionaries to go to the Saturday night session. We went and it was funny, there were only old people and only like 60-70 people were even there.  So it was all these young elders and all the grandparents of the stake.  The grandmas love us.  I think maybe we were there for that reason.  Sunday was the coolest day. The session was fantastic.  A fgew talks reminded the members to help the missionaries do the ir work by having members present lessons.  I was glad,  we need the help.  We have so few who will work with us. I got to see mama Vega from Croydon and the Tucker family. I got pictures with them but I think theirs came out better. Ask them for the pics. They gave me some goldfish as well. It was good seeing them again. Well I don’t have too much time left so I will send you some pictures.

 Love, Elder Mecham

Monday, October 14, 2013

I have a new pet. Not really. Sort of.

I have to tell you about Antony.  He has been thinking that he isn’t ready for baptism so we asked if he could set aside one night and read from the book of Mormon. He chose Friday and we asked him to think of a question he had and to read with the question in mind.  Well he did as so mnay people do and he just opened to a random page. So 1-531 and he chose 113 which talks about the reason Christ was baptised. He told us that question he had aksed himself was why should he be baptized.  That was pretty cool.  Really cool don’t you say?  He is really smart and he understands everything he reads. He likes the church but he hadn’t had a spiritual experience with it so he is just waiting for that to improve his faith. Zoe is good as well but, she doesn’t like feeling forced so it is kinds hard to commit her to do things. We talked about baptism and she said absolutely no way ever!!! But she came to church again. She says she really likes everything but she is taking it very slow.  We love them both and just keep working with them.
Hey I made fufu.  Shout out to the Patterson's.  Da body is good.  Da fufu is good.

Elder Morales and I both got sick this week with colds but we are getting over them now. To answer your question many in England live off benefits basically. It is an interesting way to live because kids/ young people don’t really set goals.  Many of them just assume they will be part of the system. I know you see a lot of that in the US but here it is more prevalent. What is happening in the US with obamacare... I heard news that something is happening with a government shutdown because Obama is throwing a temper tantrum that the republicans won’t pass the obamacare. Obama has clearly never spent time in england. If he did he would realise that free healthcare is never going to work well. Do you remember the story I told you about President Millar and his shoulder.  That is what it amounts to.  It is starting to feel like winter now. Cold, windy, and rainy. The three worst things ever. If you can remember Forrest Gump when he is talking about the rain in Vietnam and he says ' it rains soft it rains hard it rains down it rains sideways and sometimes it feels like it even rains up'. That is exactly the rain in England. I have an umbrella but the wind makes it useless. Whenever it rains like that i just think about Forrest Gump. Ok, I am out of time for today.  I will see if i can send pictures.
Oh I found a new friend.  Remember when I made friends with the wild cats at BYU?  This is similar.  I have anew pet.  Not really.  Sort of.  You know we have that no pet rule on our mission, but hey, I still love all of God's creatures.  Is that so wrong?  Anyhow say hello to my new friend.  Hasn't bit me yet!  Mom didn't you tell me if I could get salt on a squirrel's tale he would be my pet?  Seriously this one got so close I probably could have picked it up.  Someone must have salted him.
That is my hand.  Really.

Love you all.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Please, first doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith

Hi family,
 I am starting to get sick. It always seems like this time of year I get sick.  I really enjoyed conference. For conference we went over to a senior couples house and they made us lunch and dinner and then breakfast today. I liked President Uchtdorf’s talk basically saying everyone is different  but we must go on inviting everyone to learn about the church.  I realize now that members sometimes hold their church membership like they do something that belongs to them that they are proud of, but they don’t share.  Like if you have a super nice car or something.  You show it to everyone, but you don’t invite people to drive it.  Does that make sense.  Members often let people know they are members but they don’t invite others to be members.  That is a huge part f what we deal with here.  People that are members don’t often tell thei non- member friends about the church. Make sure you all do that.  You all have friends that are not members.  Invite them to things.  Like mum at school invite your friends to go to church.  What are you waiting for.  Don’t just hang out with Suzie and your other LDS friends at work.  Another point he brought up is questions and faith.  I loved his quote, "Please, first doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith."  When we teach we have people who will feel the spirit.  I know it, they know it, but then the doubts creep in.  It is like I want to follow them around all day and remind them of what they felt.  And tell them,"Doubt your doubts."

Elder Schmoekel is training a kid from Spain who is super quiet and he just turned 18. He is truggling a bit  and some days just stays in their room all day. I wish I could communicate with him better and help him out. I can’t really talk to him. We surprised him with African food. He struggled a little but i think everyone does at first anyways. I had to buy 2 new trousers because one of mine ripped and the others were all colour faded and everything. So that took up a lot of my money... I would love groceries so it was perfect timing that you asked.  Thanks Mother.  I don’t have too much time anymore. Do you remember Stacy and Chloe when I was in Christchurch? Anyways they got married and then got baptized! i just saw their names on President Millar’s weekly letter.  That is such a great thing and I am so happy to have been part of their conversion. I knew they would get everything in order.  I got 2 letters from sister Bertha and a letter from bro. sis Patterson. Tell them I am bummed that there are no African stores in Las Vegas. WhenI get back I want to have an African food party with them.  Just them though.  Not one of your over thetop parties mum.  So anyhow Sis Patterson and I can cook up all the African foods. I have plenty of bags of powder Pepe.  She will know aout that.  I will figure out a way to get Fufu flour too.  Tell everyone Hello!

Elder Mecham

Monday, September 30, 2013

I look like Superman?

It was great to see President and Sister Stoloworthy. I am so glad I got to see them and they took us to my favorite place called Nandos. President Stolworthy can turn up the heat in his food but Sister Stolworthy, lets just say, mom, you gotta take her out for wings or something.  ok so this week was a little slow again... not much is changing which is tough.  I wish we could see more progress  It gets discouraging. The French investigator elder Morales and I were teaching isn’t interested anymore. So it really is just back to contacting and stuff which isn’t too much fun I guess. I mean we make the most of it, but the days go by and there is not one person who will talk with us. I’m sorry I know I haven’t really had the best stories for a while now. Not too many interesting things are happening. We have been doing a lot of service for ward members like gardening and cleaning out garages stuff. I have spent this entire year serving others.  That is pretty cool.  I was thinking about that.  When 2013 ends I will have been serving others for every single day of that year.  That is pretty cool, don’t you think.  It is probably one of the best things I will ever do with a year of my life, don’t you think. So like I said, with the Stolworthys we went to Nandos and talked for a while and ate good food. It was good seeing them. they have good stories. Elder Morales really liked them and said they were really nice. Transfers are in two days but I already know what is happening. Elder Schmoekel is training and elder Wilson is leaving, and of course elder Morales and I are staying. I feel like I have been in Welling forever now. It has been a super long time. The weather this week actually wasn’t too bad. we had like a 2 day sunny stretch so that was good.... you can know when I run out of things to say because then I will start talking about weather... probably the most boring depressing subject ever and I think that’s why the English like to talk about it so much.  I really like the glasses and the ties as well. Oh I do have a funny story, everyone keeps saying that I look like Clark Kent. Everyone says that! It cracks me up.  Everywhere I go,  especially when the superman poster were everywhere... people would just stare at me and then I would look behind me and see the poster. It would go like this, "Eh everyone ever tell you you look abit like the bloke who plays Superman?"  Then they point to the poster and I just laugh.  Even President tells me I do.   I have to re read that email dad sent me about Superman/Christ.  It may help me start a conversation with people and get an in with them.  It could work.  I will let you know next week how that goes.

Love you all,
Elder Mecham



Monday, September 23, 2013

Sept. 22

Sept 22 

Mum, You said there were only going to be a few questions but I saw like a million so looks like I just have to pick the ones I want to answer.... and no I get no mail except I finally got Emily Stolworthy's letter. It was really funny. The girl is a riot.  She made me laugh right out loud! But our zone leaders are slacking and haven’t been to the temple to collect or mail so I don’t know what I am getting now. It’s been like 4 weeks.  So I don’t really get mail. I didn’t understand anything about what is happening with lacrosse. You made that pretty confusing so if you could write it more clear next time it would be good.  But thanks for the updates.  It is hard to even think about that now to tell you the truth.  

I am so excited to be going to lunch with president Stolworthy today in about an hour. They are coming to woolwich so it will be an interesting experience for them.  It is great that they are coming to see me and I am glad that worked out.   Blake Dowling fills me in on sports every email.  His family keeps him informed because of his dad’s work, so I stay informed as much as possible. Dad should stop whining about the packers losing. Everyone knows that is how they really are anyways. Good for a year then bad for ten. But from what Blake has told me it seems like all the good teams are doing poorly and all the bad teams are doing well....except the Pats.

Okay on  to my mission-It seems like the further I progress on time in the mission field the more the weeks blend together.  Sometimes I don’t know what to say because this seems like normal now. I mean it used to be very hard for me to talk to people so talking to someone on the street doesn’t really stick out now because I do it so readily. We ran into a former investigator from the other elders the other day. He is French and we have a high council member over missionary work in our ward who went on his mission to France. So he has been telling us that we need to find French people so he can teach them with elder Morales. And we did so on Saturday brother Millburn and elder Morales taught in French while I listened in. We have some really cool members in this ward. One being the Italian guy and his wife. His name is Gianpaulo Vitulano but his wife is American and her name is Hailey Vitulano. They make me think about all our ancestors that you have been working on mum. They moved flats and we helped them move and the whole time we were talking about food and the word of wisdom... I have been thinking about going vegetarian for one month just to see what it’s like when I get home and after talking to them I am totally going to do it now. They live exactly like Norwood does.... which reminds me. When I get home in a long time can you get appointments back with Norwood before I head up to BYU please. Ok back to food. You need to watch 2 movies. One is called food inc. and the other is called fat sick and nearly dead or something...  they said they are crazyyyy movies and since you care about food they said you will really want to see them.  But yea they are super healthy and vegetarians in the home but out of the home they are normal.... I probably just killed dad.... if you read the word of wisdom that how I want to eat now... we started talking about how if all you eat is meat everyday its breaking the word of wisdom and it is exactly like doing heroin. You are breaking the same rule. Just society makes the latter one look a lot worse, which it probably is, but you are still breaking the word of wisdom if you eat meat everyday or if you drink a can of beer everyday. So when I have the opportunity to go vegetarian for a month I will, but not within the first month of being home because i still enjoy a nice ribeye every here and there.  But yea  just a tiny experiment I want to do upon my return. Obviously it can’t happen in the mission, I don’t want to be a hassle to the families that go through a lot of effort and then me show up and say I don’t want this. So don’t worry it won’t happen for like another year. You can wake dad up now and tell him I want a ribeye and sushi.... I have been craving sushi this whole time in England. And those burgers dad and I would make and also those brats. Speaking of experiments.  I want to try the vegetarian thing out and it might be the thing that changes my life style.  I wish people would try out the LDS thing.  You know like it says in the book of Mormon, experiment upon my words.  If we can as missionaries and members get people to just try out ‘praying, reading the scriptures, following the laws of God’ that experiment, like my vegetarian one might just change their lives.  Pretty cool.  Sadly, we have a hard time getting to talk to people about this. So this week has been pretty good though, elder Morales English is getting better so that’s good. Everything is going well.  I am learning to be more patient than I ever thought I would be in my life.  It is hard sometimes because the people here are not too interested in what we have to say, but we keep trying and I know that the Lord is pleased with our efforts.

Keep reading the scriptures and be sure to help the missionaries out whenever you can.


Elder Mecham

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

That mouse came into the wrong flat! Like, literally the worst one a mouse could choose. A flat with 4 twenty year old guys.... What a dumb mouse.

So this week we had a lot of fun. We have entered the rainy season for sure... it has been nonstop rain since last Monday. Everyone gets a bit more depressed than usual and they are ignoring us... again. But contacting in the rain makes for good stories. This week we have been getting fed a lot of african food. So I have been training Elder Morales not only in the ways of missionary work, but also how to eat large quantities of food now. I have also taught him how to eat fufu. I know that sounds crazy but, there is a technique to eating fufu; you don’t chew it. You just swallow fufu whole. He struggles with that, but we are working on it. Also I think the pepe is a little too spicy for him. I am going to make fufu for you when i get home and all the African dishes I have learned how to make. But, I warn you, they will be spicy. We have been working on his English and it has really been improving quickly. I have almost gotten back to normal speed in my speech. I have found that when I talk with him it helps if I leave certain words out, because he does as well or better if I leave out extraneous stuff. So, I won’t say certain words because in French they don’t have translation for these certain English words words so it is like broken English. I have been trying to speak proper English but it gets hard because there are no words like to or if or things like that. If that makes any sense. But we have quite a bit of time to study now.  Training elder Morales has showed me how to “cut out the fluff” as Pres. Millar would put it. So I can teach very simply now. Missionary work is going well. The most promising investigators are A----- who is married to a less active member named A-----. Well, to be honest, she isn’t less active anymore, so we teach him every Wednesday night. He will be baptised soon I think  Please pray for him to make the right decision. Then we are working with A-----‘s daughter Z---_. When we first taught A----, Z---- said she would never listen to us then she started to listen to us.  Later, she said she would never take the lessons and now she is taking the lessons.  Then she said she would never come to church, and yep, yesterday she came to church and she said she really like it. It is awesome to see her come around.  The Gospel is what they need in their lives. Pres. Millar called this morning and told me that our number are really good and that we are doing an excellent job.  I am so happy about that.  It means a lot to me because it’s hard to get a lot of teaches in the first place but then you add on training and the 2 hours of study there really isn’t much time to find if you have other lessons throughout the day, but we are working very hard.  Sadly we still have some empty days in which we are struggling  to find anyone to talk to. Walking around in the rain looking for people makes for goods stories though, as I mentioned before. One day it was just pouring.  I mean pouring rain, and there was one guy in the street, only one, and we stopped him and he told us that he doesn’t speak English.... (in perfect English.) I asked him what language he spoke and (in perfect English) he said oh I speak French.  Haha jokes on you buddy! Elder Morales steps up and spoke to him in French and taught him!!!   He told us to call him so we can teach him again. He later told us that he just didn’t want to talk to us and tried to avoid us by saying he only spoke French, but it never works, umm we have God on our team so no one can out strategize us.

Oka and for my funny story this week, we found a mouse in our flat. We killed it then buried it under our basil tree we have in the flat. That mouse came into the wrong flat. Like, literally the worst one a mouse could choose. A flat with 4 twenty year old guys.... What a dumb mouse. (editor's note- Elder Mecham attached a photo of the dead mouse. I will spare you, the reader, the image.)
Hey, so where is my truck by the way. I have asked this question like 10 times and no one answers me.  Is Murph dead? To answer your questions that I haven’t yet, I am doing very well with Elder Morales.  We get along really well as I told you.  I am still loving study time and am reading the Old Testament.  I love Proverbs and right now it is my fave in the OT.

Love, Elder Mecham