Monday, December 31, 2012

Tell the Moodys I will just make the bath really cold and jump in that

1.Did you love getting your lax sticks? I forgot to ask you about that! Sister Tucker sent me photos and you looked so happy with your stick. One of the photos you looked so handsome.

I loved the sticks and Mum, I always look handsome.

2. What did you think about that book? Did you love that the best of all yor stuff. Hayden told me that that would be your favorite of all gifts! Was it?

Hayden was right. By far the best gift I got. I have nicknamed it the trunkee book. Because it is a Christmas book if I listen to it during anytime other than Christmas my comp will know I am trunkee.

3. Did you and Elder Martins have fun with the nerf guns?

Yes we are... I think Jaxon had the most fun with them though. (see attached pic)

4. How are things going with him? You said he works hard.

Things are going decently with him

5. I saw that S........uploaded photos of you on facebook. You are eating fufu. Was that at her home or were you out to eat? If so where? And what else are you eating, it looks like stew?

We went out to a Ghanaian restaurant it is called hot pepper stew. It’s really good. You dip the fufu in the stew. It was really spicy so Selina and I were just laughing at elder Martins because it was well to spicy for him

6. Did you give the Ramen and cereal to the Tuckers? 

They wouldn’t take the cereal but I gave some ramen to AJ.

7. Was your investigator happy with the Tamales? How are your investigators?

They were for a member and he wasn’t at church on Sunday because he is in south A.

8. I am off all week and was going to send you more jerky. I have three packs. I have time before a transfer right?

Yes, that would be great , when you can. Also if you can,foot soul things... comfortable ones

9. Did you get any letters this week?

 I opened my letter from Ali Noooorda. I got letters from the Bertha fam the Tengberg crew and the Lytle family. And then a letter from Katie Stevens.  Thanks everyone.  I also gotta shout out to the Lythgoes for my sick cat calendar.

10. Did you read your letter that you wrote last year? What did it say? Also did you write a new one?

Yes of course I did. It said all things that have happened. It talked about gorgeous women. Being on a mission and playing lacrosse well. Which I have done all three. Played lacrosse at the Y and now I am on my  mission which will easily get me a gorgeous girl when I want one when I’m back.

11.  What are you studying now?

Finishing the Book of Mormon starting the New Testament


Onto the letter for this week. I loved talking to you all on Christmas.  That was by far the best thing this week.   The week went really well until we had to account for our weekly numbers and realized we only had 3 teaches all week. We did a lot of finding. Which went fine. Tracting is the lowest in my book, but oh well. We do have 3 investigators with baptismal dates. 2 are roommates who are African. They are about 21 and have problems coming to church. But they read the book of Mormon. Their names are Aneidi and Mariam. Then we have a little kid who is 9 his name is Otega and he is Nigerian. He is super smart and remembers everything we teach him. His mom and older brother are semi-active members. They just waited a little to have him be baptized so now it falls under the missionaries’ authority and not the bishop’s. So that’s good  We see him tonight and that is coming together.  Anyways you asked about the fufu. With fufu you usually make a stew that you dip the fufu in because it virtually has no taste, it’s just filling. And you don’t chew it you just swallow it. In that hot pepper stew there was goat meat and shockey or tripe. Which is stomach. It is weird, it has these little bumps on it and it’s like rubber. You have to chew on it for a proper minute.

Christmas went very well. We went to the Tuckers at 5am and surprised all their kids and opened our presents. I got to sit on my throne as the Tuckers call it. They have these 2 comfy wooden chairs that lean back and one is mine, they call it my throne.

The picture in the email didn’t work by the way. But the other three attached did. Thanks for those.

It’s nice having a comp that can speak Spanish and Portuguese. We knock any door that has a spanish/portuguese anything and he can just get in there, so that is working out great.  Oh and and yes find out about Jake Arbon for me.  I want to know how he is.

 So I don’t know if Kayla Varner reads these but if she does then this is for her. My companion, elder Martins, whenever he eats he always slides his teeth on the fork or the spoon so ever time I hear the metal scraping sound no matter what and it drives me crazy. you always hear it and you hear the metal scratching and it is really funny and kind of annoying. He knows this too so it is pretty funny to him.  And now every time he does it I just have to laugh and smile because I remember it was one of her biggest pet peeves.

I don’t have much to email either. I have been fiddling with my spoons every day. Hopefully I get at least one comp that has already had some background in lacrosse. Oh and tell the Moodys I will just make the bath really cold and jump in that so I can at least semi earn the badge.  I have to have one for every year. And Mum, the ck sweater is great. It keeps me really warm along with the thermals and scarves and beanies. Thank you. Also the Tuckers are huge byu soccer fans so if you can get any BYU women’s soccer stuff and send that to me. They have a daughter who is really good at soccer and she wants to play for BYU. So please get  me the women’s soccer stuff and I will surprise her with it.

The day after Christmas we had all the guys in the ward play a big football match. It was some proper fun the field was muddy so everyone was slipping everywhere. It was great. Anyways I think that’s all for this week.   Ciao
Joey- love you all
Happy New year!

Jaxon with the Nerf gun
Thanks Lythgoes!

This is what tracting in London gets you~ soggy pants

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