Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It is a proper cold.

Hey everyone,


Ok so I have good news. I filled up my photocard so I will send that home in a big package I will attach photos later on today with my new comp. I will also send home some other stuff. I sent a Christmas/bday package to Harrison. It has 3 proper England made ties. All handmade in England from Saville row. They are so classy I was just going to keep them. Me and elder Bennedetti had some fun we did a lot of contacting and seeing old investigators. He is so kool. He taught me how to count to ten in French and how to say hello my name is elder Mecham and how to say ahhh crap and how to say I’m 19 years old. We were supposed to language study for him but it quickly turned the other way around. The baptism was awesome and it was really funny her husband baptised her and when he went to dunk her she only went under just a little and when she was ready to come up her husband Seth, just threw her under water again she got up and just splashed him and everyone was laughing it was a lovely time. It’s weird because everyone in the zone that I became buddies with are all gone. Elder Schmoekel is going far west to Newton Abbott. elder Snow left a while ago, elder Curran left to Poole to be a zl and elder Hansen went home. Pdays are going to be different now. The original zone is just changing. Elder Lusk went home last moves as well. At least elder Sparks is staying though, and I might be able to see everyone for the Christmas event so that should be good. It’s in a week. It is getting freezing now. Ice is on all the cars and on all the hand rails and everything. It is a proper cold. It is strange because your body is actually warm but for some reason you just feel like You’re frozen. It is horrible. I want a lot of ramen and also cereal the Tuckers so throw that in too my package if you can. Oh and you asked what I would like in the Christmas bag- I would like sweaters and scarves and beanies and some of those dr.scholls comfy footbeds. I will email you later with the deets about my comp. Also for Christmas calls, we don’t do any contacting the 24th,25th or 26th.  The calls it can be 2 hours long I heard. But most missionaries just talk longer because we can’t go out really on Christmas and we just go to families. So it can basically be however long we want.  I will write more later,

Joey- love you all

Question #1 - Where are you? Did you get transferred? Who is your new comp? Where is he from? How long has he been out? etc... Tell me everything about your new situation? I’m still in Croydon like I told you. All I know about my new comp is he is Portuguese. I get him in about 6 hours. So I will email you again because he will have to use the comps. Maybe in like 3 hours

Ok now the rest of the questions?

2. How was Elder Hansen's last week? It was some proper fun the whole zone sent him off well. I will miss him.

3. How was the baptism? The baptism was well dope. Awesome really.  I will write more  about it later with photos later.

4. How was the confirmation? The confirmation was excellent as well- more later

5. How are the rest of your investigators doing? Were any able to make it to the baptism? The rest are doing alright. On their way.  None of them made it though.


6. Will Mark be home for Christmas? Is college there like here? Do the kids have a long winter break? Yes mark will be back for Christmas but I’m not sure how long.

7. Any new people to teach? Billy brought his friend who is a great guy he is really interested.

8. Did you have to be in a threesome while you waited for your new comp? No they sent me elder Bennedetti for 3 days. He is a new French elder. We had good times.

9. When did Elder Hansen head to the mission home? Sunday night.

10. I heard it was snowing? Did that let up? Only snowed on Wednesday and it turned into ice pellets. But everywhere is icy now.

11.  Mail? I got a Christmas package from the Lythgoes (awesome) which I won’t open until the 25th and I got a letter from Taylor Zundel. Most my mail is up at the temple I think or the zls have it.

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