Monday, December 3, 2012

I would love Bishop Bennion as my bishop. I want a bishop with a sick beard. That would be cool!

Hey ,

You mentioned the weather and how you said it wasn’t bad... yea we got some sun but only a couple hours for 3 days. Other than that it was cold (and miserable really). It is a lot colder here than when I was at Utah or even in Idaho. It is really cold and the rain just gets you wet and it’s hard to enjoy but at the same time funny in a way because it is so bad.  You just have to laugh at it. We had zone conference this week which was great. Elder Keeran gave like a 4 hour talk split in half by lunch. It was really good. He talked about how we need to set more goals and pray more.  Both things I plan on doing. But really,one of the best parts is getting to see your friends. I saw most the kids from my group like elder Fingerle and Carver and Holmes and Cantos and  Blumenthal. It was so good to see them and catch up.  Elder Fingerle is doing great, me and him talked for a long while. And there are other cool cats at zone conference. That was elder Hansen’s last time to see most of them so we stayed for a long time. We almost missed our train. But on the way there like 5 trains got cancelled and we ended up like an hour late it was funny in that dumb way, we left at 8 and got there at 10.30. It is only supposed to take us like 45 minutes too. I will send a package home with my pictures and stuff and vimto. Church was good Billy and Selina showed up and on Thursday when we were teaching Billy he brought his friend who is interested so we will see what happens next Thursday. Selina is doing well. Tuesday and Wednesday we couldn’t do much because elder Hansen got sick and then passed it on to Selina but they are fine now. I would love Bishop Bennion as my bishop at BYU. I want a bishop with a sick beard, that would be cool. Ha.  Seriously he will be great. Is he still at SUU?

 We haven’t seen Dominic and his wife lately, they like to do all there investigating by themselves. Jason was doing army stuff so we haven’t seen him in like 2 weeks and Alessandra got sick. The tuckers require more ramen btw. But they made the chicken salad and it was really good. The tuckers are so cool, they have this little kid Jaxon who is just crazy fun and happy and really funny. The whole family is pretty funny and I really like them. Things in Croydon are going well. The work continues. Enjoy the week.

Joey- Love you all

1. How is Elder Hansen doing? One week to go! Is he excited? He is doing really well

2. Investigators moving forward? Selina is getting baptised on Saturday her husband will baptise her. We meet with Billy every Thursday and see him at church

3. Any word on your staying in Croyden? Elder Nelson (Nelly) is really hoping he can stay here after transfers. He doesn't want to go to ta new ward at Christmas. Do you feel that way too? Like 99 % staying in Croydon. I like the ward here a lot.


4. How are your dinners? What did you have at the Tuckers? Dinners are great. We get fed every night. Tucker’s was AWESOMEwith the Chinese salad.  Very cool.


5. I think I might have asked you this before, but I can't remember. Can you print things I email you? Nope  

6. Any mail from friends or family this week? Shout out to Sister Warburton. All the other mail is with the zone leaders


7. Have you had any new foods lately? The last thing you told me about was Fufu. Nope nothing new lately.

8. What are you doing for pday? Chair soccer

9. How was your zone conference? Did you see any friends from the MTC there? It was awesome see below 

10. Are you out of mio and jerky? Which mio flavor do you like best? Not yet thanks

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