Monday, December 17, 2012

I haven’t heard anything about the US, but oh well. It’s probably for the best

1. Do you have any info about our call on Christmas? Like what time and how it works? Do we get to skype? If not when will we know? Next Monday maybe? Well we will skype from the Tuckers. I get there at around 3. I will just log onto my skype and you can log onto a different one. Don’t know what time though. Probably 8 in the morning your time.

2. How are things going with your investigators? They are going well. Really.  Two did not show up for church so that was a bummer.

3. How is your new comp? I will let this take up a few lines of questioning because I know that you probably have lots of information about him. Name? Age? Where from? What type of guy is he? Is he the district leader now? How are you doing getting around without Hansen? I will just put it in my letter

4. How was your pday? What are you doing? Pday isn’t going to be too exciting today. We aren’t doing anything much.

5. Thanks for the package info. I am giving it to my friend, Howard tomorrow. Cool. I will open it Christmas day with the Tuckers

6. Have you gotten much mail? None. Last letter was Taylor Zundel

7. What is Boxing Day? Is that why you have no contacting the 26th? It’s like black Friday but during the day. I guess we will still contact.

8. Has Mark come in yet? nope tomorrow

9. Do people have up lights there? I heard people don't do lights? Not really. Only a select few.

10. What are you reading in the scriptures? 3rd Nephi

11. How was your talk? what did you speak about? Can you attach it to this? How long did you have to talk? was good, the missionary viewpoint on the living Christ. I didn’t write anything down it~ was about 15 minutes all from my brain. No writing just thoughts.

Onto my letter.

I haven’t heard anything about the US, but oh well. It’s probably for the best. New companion is elder Martins from Portugal but has lived in Watford, London for the last 9 years. He only lives 45 minutes away from home right now. He is just right past the river. He is super small only like 5'4 or something. He is a super hard worker. I like him but it is very different to get along with him compared to Hansen. Missionaries always say that your trainer and followup trainer will be exactly opposite and this is no different a case. Me and elder Hansen would work hard and smart. Elder Martins doesn’t really understand the way we worked together and has his own system. For example he wants to street contact on Boxing Day. Well everyone on the streets is in a rush that day. Like I said I like him it’s just difficult. He has a different style. He doesn’t like to laugh in public and said we should not laugh in public ~because it doesn’t make us seem serious when we contact. He really cares about numbers. First thing he asked me and the district wasn’t our names but how many people are coming up for baptism. We get along fine but we are the exact opposite. It’s going to be rough times for a while. But oh well. I can learn a lot from him. This week was kind of a down week. Having a new companion threw everything off. It feels like teaching our investigators has started all over again because they aren’t too comfortable with elder Martins yet. So it’s interesting to say the least. He is really good at street contacting though and I’m not that good at that. Although elder Hansen would be proud if he found out that I talked to a wife and husband on the streets that were big UCF fans and we talked about Florida for like 15 minutes. It was cool. Elder martins got a little angry with me because I didn’t bring up the gospel but oh well. I feel you need to get to know people first, so we will have to meet in the middle.   Things are a lot different in Croydon and I am making my way around just fine. I haven’t got lost once yet. I don’t know what it has been but I have been really tired all week and I have been sick as well with a massive cold. We went over to the Tucker’s for dinner last night. I was surprised Mother, that you haven’t text Sister Tucker yet. When we skype I will have you meet them all.  They are really great. I changed the s and z on purpose by the way.  English say baptise. We are going to the temple this Thursday which will be good for a lot of reasons.  I am also glad I will get to chat with elder Fingerle and elder Ubel. Which reminds me, if you go on facebook and request Jonathan Fingerle as a friend his mom does his page too. Oh, and elder Hansen friended me he said in an email,  so accept everyone in there. Saturday night we had a ward Christmas party and our investigators B---- and A---- showed up. B----- brought his son and A---- brought his wife/partner and his little girl. But unfortunately they didn’t come to church on Sunday. We saw A--- last night in his barber shop so we will get haircuts from him today. It’s so cold here. Elder martins speaks Portuguese and Spanish so now we have gone through a whole list of former investigators that speak those languages which is good. It gives us something to do other than street contacting and it opens a lot of doors.  I am glad about that.

Talk to you next week Mom,


Joey-love you all

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