Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

I will just send a decently short email because we will Skype tomorrow but this is for my peeps who even read these who aren’t family... So this week we went to the temple with our zone the Crawley zone and the Wandsworth zone. It was great and I loved every minute there. Elder Fingerle and elder Kopicshke were there and it was great just talking with them. We took Selina to the temple Sunday night to listen to a fireside given by the lady who plays Mary in the bible videos. It was good she just talked about how she came about doing that part and stuff and how it has affected her life. Side note~She is VERY good looking. So naturally I got pictures with her. I will send them over. It isn’t very festive here in England. Not many people have lights up and everyone just walks around all depressed. It’s quite interesting and comical to say the least. This is exactly how I pictured England. Everyone just mopes around. Elder Fingerle got 9 packages and like 20 letters when we arrived at the temple... I got 1 letter from Grandma...thanks Grandma! And a package from the office because they felt bad for me because I didn’t receive any packages... I was one of 3 elders who didn’t receive a wrapped gift at the temple.... depressing I know.  (**note from Christine-  his package was delivered to members in his ward so he got it on Christmas.  We did not forget about him!) President Millar wanted to know who you guys were doing and he says hello and merry Christmas... same with sister Millar. He also wanted me to tell you that I am one of his top missionaries. His quote, not mine. This week we spent every day just finding the less actives and giving them an invite to the Christmas eve party we are having. We only got to talk to a few... like 5 out of 38 but it was good. So that’s my week. I guess that’s it.   Enjoy the week.  Talk to you On Christmas day. 

Joey- love you all


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