Monday, December 31, 2012

Tell the Moodys I will just make the bath really cold and jump in that

1.Did you love getting your lax sticks? I forgot to ask you about that! Sister Tucker sent me photos and you looked so happy with your stick. One of the photos you looked so handsome.

I loved the sticks and Mum, I always look handsome.

2. What did you think about that book? Did you love that the best of all yor stuff. Hayden told me that that would be your favorite of all gifts! Was it?

Hayden was right. By far the best gift I got. I have nicknamed it the trunkee book. Because it is a Christmas book if I listen to it during anytime other than Christmas my comp will know I am trunkee.

3. Did you and Elder Martins have fun with the nerf guns?

Yes we are... I think Jaxon had the most fun with them though. (see attached pic)

4. How are things going with him? You said he works hard.

Things are going decently with him

5. I saw that S........uploaded photos of you on facebook. You are eating fufu. Was that at her home or were you out to eat? If so where? And what else are you eating, it looks like stew?

We went out to a Ghanaian restaurant it is called hot pepper stew. It’s really good. You dip the fufu in the stew. It was really spicy so Selina and I were just laughing at elder Martins because it was well to spicy for him

6. Did you give the Ramen and cereal to the Tuckers? 

They wouldn’t take the cereal but I gave some ramen to AJ.

7. Was your investigator happy with the Tamales? How are your investigators?

They were for a member and he wasn’t at church on Sunday because he is in south A.

8. I am off all week and was going to send you more jerky. I have three packs. I have time before a transfer right?

Yes, that would be great , when you can. Also if you can,foot soul things... comfortable ones

9. Did you get any letters this week?

 I opened my letter from Ali Noooorda. I got letters from the Bertha fam the Tengberg crew and the Lytle family. And then a letter from Katie Stevens.  Thanks everyone.  I also gotta shout out to the Lythgoes for my sick cat calendar.

10. Did you read your letter that you wrote last year? What did it say? Also did you write a new one?

Yes of course I did. It said all things that have happened. It talked about gorgeous women. Being on a mission and playing lacrosse well. Which I have done all three. Played lacrosse at the Y and now I am on my  mission which will easily get me a gorgeous girl when I want one when I’m back.

11.  What are you studying now?

Finishing the Book of Mormon starting the New Testament


Onto the letter for this week. I loved talking to you all on Christmas.  That was by far the best thing this week.   The week went really well until we had to account for our weekly numbers and realized we only had 3 teaches all week. We did a lot of finding. Which went fine. Tracting is the lowest in my book, but oh well. We do have 3 investigators with baptismal dates. 2 are roommates who are African. They are about 21 and have problems coming to church. But they read the book of Mormon. Their names are Aneidi and Mariam. Then we have a little kid who is 9 his name is Otega and he is Nigerian. He is super smart and remembers everything we teach him. His mom and older brother are semi-active members. They just waited a little to have him be baptized so now it falls under the missionaries’ authority and not the bishop’s. So that’s good  We see him tonight and that is coming together.  Anyways you asked about the fufu. With fufu you usually make a stew that you dip the fufu in because it virtually has no taste, it’s just filling. And you don’t chew it you just swallow it. In that hot pepper stew there was goat meat and shockey or tripe. Which is stomach. It is weird, it has these little bumps on it and it’s like rubber. You have to chew on it for a proper minute.

Christmas went very well. We went to the Tuckers at 5am and surprised all their kids and opened our presents. I got to sit on my throne as the Tuckers call it. They have these 2 comfy wooden chairs that lean back and one is mine, they call it my throne.

The picture in the email didn’t work by the way. But the other three attached did. Thanks for those.

It’s nice having a comp that can speak Spanish and Portuguese. We knock any door that has a spanish/portuguese anything and he can just get in there, so that is working out great.  Oh and and yes find out about Jake Arbon for me.  I want to know how he is.

 So I don’t know if Kayla Varner reads these but if she does then this is for her. My companion, elder Martins, whenever he eats he always slides his teeth on the fork or the spoon so ever time I hear the metal scraping sound no matter what and it drives me crazy. you always hear it and you hear the metal scratching and it is really funny and kind of annoying. He knows this too so it is pretty funny to him.  And now every time he does it I just have to laugh and smile because I remember it was one of her biggest pet peeves.

I don’t have much to email either. I have been fiddling with my spoons every day. Hopefully I get at least one comp that has already had some background in lacrosse. Oh and tell the Moodys I will just make the bath really cold and jump in that so I can at least semi earn the badge.  I have to have one for every year. And Mum, the ck sweater is great. It keeps me really warm along with the thermals and scarves and beanies. Thank you. Also the Tuckers are huge byu soccer fans so if you can get any BYU women’s soccer stuff and send that to me. They have a daughter who is really good at soccer and she wants to play for BYU. So please get  me the women’s soccer stuff and I will surprise her with it.

The day after Christmas we had all the guys in the ward play a big football match. It was some proper fun the field was muddy so everyone was slipping everywhere. It was great. Anyways I think that’s all for this week.   Ciao
Joey- love you all
Happy New year!

Jaxon with the Nerf gun
Thanks Lythgoes!

This is what tracting in London gets you~ soggy pants

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas day photos!

Our first glimpse of Elder Mecham
Love being 'together'.

'Happy Christmas' as they say in England.

Always a joker!

Christmas Eve

I will just send a decently short email because we will Skype tomorrow but this is for my peeps who even read these who aren’t family... So this week we went to the temple with our zone the Crawley zone and the Wandsworth zone. It was great and I loved every minute there. Elder Fingerle and elder Kopicshke were there and it was great just talking with them. We took Selina to the temple Sunday night to listen to a fireside given by the lady who plays Mary in the bible videos. It was good she just talked about how she came about doing that part and stuff and how it has affected her life. Side note~She is VERY good looking. So naturally I got pictures with her. I will send them over. It isn’t very festive here in England. Not many people have lights up and everyone just walks around all depressed. It’s quite interesting and comical to say the least. This is exactly how I pictured England. Everyone just mopes around. Elder Fingerle got 9 packages and like 20 letters when we arrived at the temple... I got 1 letter from Grandma...thanks Grandma! And a package from the office because they felt bad for me because I didn’t receive any packages... I was one of 3 elders who didn’t receive a wrapped gift at the temple.... depressing I know.  (**note from Christine-  his package was delivered to members in his ward so he got it on Christmas.  We did not forget about him!) President Millar wanted to know who you guys were doing and he says hello and merry Christmas... same with sister Millar. He also wanted me to tell you that I am one of his top missionaries. His quote, not mine. This week we spent every day just finding the less actives and giving them an invite to the Christmas eve party we are having. We only got to talk to a few... like 5 out of 38 but it was good. So that’s my week. I guess that’s it.   Enjoy the week.  Talk to you On Christmas day. 

Joey- love you all


Monday, December 17, 2012

I haven’t heard anything about the US, but oh well. It’s probably for the best

1. Do you have any info about our call on Christmas? Like what time and how it works? Do we get to skype? If not when will we know? Next Monday maybe? Well we will skype from the Tuckers. I get there at around 3. I will just log onto my skype and you can log onto a different one. Don’t know what time though. Probably 8 in the morning your time.

2. How are things going with your investigators? They are going well. Really.  Two did not show up for church so that was a bummer.

3. How is your new comp? I will let this take up a few lines of questioning because I know that you probably have lots of information about him. Name? Age? Where from? What type of guy is he? Is he the district leader now? How are you doing getting around without Hansen? I will just put it in my letter

4. How was your pday? What are you doing? Pday isn’t going to be too exciting today. We aren’t doing anything much.

5. Thanks for the package info. I am giving it to my friend, Howard tomorrow. Cool. I will open it Christmas day with the Tuckers

6. Have you gotten much mail? None. Last letter was Taylor Zundel

7. What is Boxing Day? Is that why you have no contacting the 26th? It’s like black Friday but during the day. I guess we will still contact.

8. Has Mark come in yet? nope tomorrow

9. Do people have up lights there? I heard people don't do lights? Not really. Only a select few.

10. What are you reading in the scriptures? 3rd Nephi

11. How was your talk? what did you speak about? Can you attach it to this? How long did you have to talk? was good, the missionary viewpoint on the living Christ. I didn’t write anything down it~ was about 15 minutes all from my brain. No writing just thoughts.

Onto my letter.

I haven’t heard anything about the US, but oh well. It’s probably for the best. New companion is elder Martins from Portugal but has lived in Watford, London for the last 9 years. He only lives 45 minutes away from home right now. He is just right past the river. He is super small only like 5'4 or something. He is a super hard worker. I like him but it is very different to get along with him compared to Hansen. Missionaries always say that your trainer and followup trainer will be exactly opposite and this is no different a case. Me and elder Hansen would work hard and smart. Elder Martins doesn’t really understand the way we worked together and has his own system. For example he wants to street contact on Boxing Day. Well everyone on the streets is in a rush that day. Like I said I like him it’s just difficult. He has a different style. He doesn’t like to laugh in public and said we should not laugh in public ~because it doesn’t make us seem serious when we contact. He really cares about numbers. First thing he asked me and the district wasn’t our names but how many people are coming up for baptism. We get along fine but we are the exact opposite. It’s going to be rough times for a while. But oh well. I can learn a lot from him. This week was kind of a down week. Having a new companion threw everything off. It feels like teaching our investigators has started all over again because they aren’t too comfortable with elder Martins yet. So it’s interesting to say the least. He is really good at street contacting though and I’m not that good at that. Although elder Hansen would be proud if he found out that I talked to a wife and husband on the streets that were big UCF fans and we talked about Florida for like 15 minutes. It was cool. Elder martins got a little angry with me because I didn’t bring up the gospel but oh well. I feel you need to get to know people first, so we will have to meet in the middle.   Things are a lot different in Croydon and I am making my way around just fine. I haven’t got lost once yet. I don’t know what it has been but I have been really tired all week and I have been sick as well with a massive cold. We went over to the Tucker’s for dinner last night. I was surprised Mother, that you haven’t text Sister Tucker yet. When we skype I will have you meet them all.  They are really great. I changed the s and z on purpose by the way.  English say baptise. We are going to the temple this Thursday which will be good for a lot of reasons.  I am also glad I will get to chat with elder Fingerle and elder Ubel. Which reminds me, if you go on facebook and request Jonathan Fingerle as a friend his mom does his page too. Oh, and elder Hansen friended me he said in an email,  so accept everyone in there. Saturday night we had a ward Christmas party and our investigators B---- and A---- showed up. B----- brought his son and A---- brought his wife/partner and his little girl. But unfortunately they didn’t come to church on Sunday. We saw A--- last night in his barber shop so we will get haircuts from him today. It’s so cold here. Elder martins speaks Portuguese and Spanish so now we have gone through a whole list of former investigators that speak those languages which is good. It gives us something to do other than street contacting and it opens a lot of doors.  I am glad about that.

Talk to you next week Mom,


Joey-love you all

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A note from a sweet member in Elder Mecham's ward

Elder Mecham is great! We really don't think of him as shy anymore, at all. I think he's plenty comfortable around us. And he's so funny. You should have seen my kids' faces when I said the new missionaries are coming, they were like, What about Elder Mecham? Your son's personality and sense of humor fit right in here at the Tucker house.
This evening Dallin (9) was showing off by pouring his drink to the tippy top so that it didn't quite spill but bowed along the top, then the table started shaking a bit, and I quickly snapped at my 16 year old, and he points down the table, it was YOUR son! Everyone laughed.
Oh, and here's a funny thing. Sunday when we were having burritos, Elder Mecham was struggling to wrap his all up. We were talking about it some, and he was still struggling, and I said, Elder Mecham, would you like me to show you how it's done? And he said, No! Only my mom can roll my burritos for me.
SO cute. So now we quote him on that whenever we can!

It is a proper cold.

Hey everyone,


Ok so I have good news. I filled up my photocard so I will send that home in a big package I will attach photos later on today with my new comp. I will also send home some other stuff. I sent a Christmas/bday package to Harrison. It has 3 proper England made ties. All handmade in England from Saville row. They are so classy I was just going to keep them. Me and elder Bennedetti had some fun we did a lot of contacting and seeing old investigators. He is so kool. He taught me how to count to ten in French and how to say hello my name is elder Mecham and how to say ahhh crap and how to say I’m 19 years old. We were supposed to language study for him but it quickly turned the other way around. The baptism was awesome and it was really funny her husband baptised her and when he went to dunk her she only went under just a little and when she was ready to come up her husband Seth, just threw her under water again she got up and just splashed him and everyone was laughing it was a lovely time. It’s weird because everyone in the zone that I became buddies with are all gone. Elder Schmoekel is going far west to Newton Abbott. elder Snow left a while ago, elder Curran left to Poole to be a zl and elder Hansen went home. Pdays are going to be different now. The original zone is just changing. Elder Lusk went home last moves as well. At least elder Sparks is staying though, and I might be able to see everyone for the Christmas event so that should be good. It’s in a week. It is getting freezing now. Ice is on all the cars and on all the hand rails and everything. It is a proper cold. It is strange because your body is actually warm but for some reason you just feel like You’re frozen. It is horrible. I want a lot of ramen and also cereal the Tuckers so throw that in too my package if you can. Oh and you asked what I would like in the Christmas bag- I would like sweaters and scarves and beanies and some of those dr.scholls comfy footbeds. I will email you later with the deets about my comp. Also for Christmas calls, we don’t do any contacting the 24th,25th or 26th.  The calls it can be 2 hours long I heard. But most missionaries just talk longer because we can’t go out really on Christmas and we just go to families. So it can basically be however long we want.  I will write more later,

Joey- love you all

Question #1 - Where are you? Did you get transferred? Who is your new comp? Where is he from? How long has he been out? etc... Tell me everything about your new situation? I’m still in Croydon like I told you. All I know about my new comp is he is Portuguese. I get him in about 6 hours. So I will email you again because he will have to use the comps. Maybe in like 3 hours

Ok now the rest of the questions?

2. How was Elder Hansen's last week? It was some proper fun the whole zone sent him off well. I will miss him.

3. How was the baptism? The baptism was well dope. Awesome really.  I will write more  about it later with photos later.

4. How was the confirmation? The confirmation was excellent as well- more later

5. How are the rest of your investigators doing? Were any able to make it to the baptism? The rest are doing alright. On their way.  None of them made it though.


6. Will Mark be home for Christmas? Is college there like here? Do the kids have a long winter break? Yes mark will be back for Christmas but I’m not sure how long.

7. Any new people to teach? Billy brought his friend who is a great guy he is really interested.

8. Did you have to be in a threesome while you waited for your new comp? No they sent me elder Bennedetti for 3 days. He is a new French elder. We had good times.

9. When did Elder Hansen head to the mission home? Sunday night.

10. I heard it was snowing? Did that let up? Only snowed on Wednesday and it turned into ice pellets. But everywhere is icy now.

11.  Mail? I got a Christmas package from the Lythgoes (awesome) which I won’t open until the 25th and I got a letter from Taylor Zundel. Most my mail is up at the temple I think or the zls have it.

Monday, December 3, 2012

I would love Bishop Bennion as my bishop. I want a bishop with a sick beard. That would be cool!

Hey ,

You mentioned the weather and how you said it wasn’t bad... yea we got some sun but only a couple hours for 3 days. Other than that it was cold (and miserable really). It is a lot colder here than when I was at Utah or even in Idaho. It is really cold and the rain just gets you wet and it’s hard to enjoy but at the same time funny in a way because it is so bad.  You just have to laugh at it. We had zone conference this week which was great. Elder Keeran gave like a 4 hour talk split in half by lunch. It was really good. He talked about how we need to set more goals and pray more.  Both things I plan on doing. But really,one of the best parts is getting to see your friends. I saw most the kids from my group like elder Fingerle and Carver and Holmes and Cantos and  Blumenthal. It was so good to see them and catch up.  Elder Fingerle is doing great, me and him talked for a long while. And there are other cool cats at zone conference. That was elder Hansen’s last time to see most of them so we stayed for a long time. We almost missed our train. But on the way there like 5 trains got cancelled and we ended up like an hour late it was funny in that dumb way, we left at 8 and got there at 10.30. It is only supposed to take us like 45 minutes too. I will send a package home with my pictures and stuff and vimto. Church was good Billy and Selina showed up and on Thursday when we were teaching Billy he brought his friend who is interested so we will see what happens next Thursday. Selina is doing well. Tuesday and Wednesday we couldn’t do much because elder Hansen got sick and then passed it on to Selina but they are fine now. I would love Bishop Bennion as my bishop at BYU. I want a bishop with a sick beard, that would be cool. Ha.  Seriously he will be great. Is he still at SUU?

 We haven’t seen Dominic and his wife lately, they like to do all there investigating by themselves. Jason was doing army stuff so we haven’t seen him in like 2 weeks and Alessandra got sick. The tuckers require more ramen btw. But they made the chicken salad and it was really good. The tuckers are so cool, they have this little kid Jaxon who is just crazy fun and happy and really funny. The whole family is pretty funny and I really like them. Things in Croydon are going well. The work continues. Enjoy the week.

Joey- Love you all

1. How is Elder Hansen doing? One week to go! Is he excited? He is doing really well

2. Investigators moving forward? Selina is getting baptised on Saturday her husband will baptise her. We meet with Billy every Thursday and see him at church

3. Any word on your staying in Croyden? Elder Nelson (Nelly) is really hoping he can stay here after transfers. He doesn't want to go to ta new ward at Christmas. Do you feel that way too? Like 99 % staying in Croydon. I like the ward here a lot.


4. How are your dinners? What did you have at the Tuckers? Dinners are great. We get fed every night. Tucker’s was AWESOMEwith the Chinese salad.  Very cool.


5. I think I might have asked you this before, but I can't remember. Can you print things I email you? Nope  

6. Any mail from friends or family this week? Shout out to Sister Warburton. All the other mail is with the zone leaders


7. Have you had any new foods lately? The last thing you told me about was Fufu. Nope nothing new lately.

8. What are you doing for pday? Chair soccer

9. How was your zone conference? Did you see any friends from the MTC there? It was awesome see below 

10. Are you out of mio and jerky? Which mio flavor do you like best? Not yet thanks