Monday, November 19, 2012

It is me- Asian Style

To answer your questions-

1. Did you get any of the packages yet? I got one I think

2. If yes, what did you think? I think it was good?

3. Any letters this week? Does anyone email you? I got letters from Taygoe, 2 from sister Bertha (who has one coming back at her!) and a package from BA Bruce. It was a great package minus the half eaten treat. Haha  Thanks BA.

4. Any serious Christmas requests? I asked in the letter about the lax sticks? Do you want those? Sure but you would obvi have to send two mum.  I would like that a lot.

5. Also in the letter, Do you eat pudding a lot? Have you tried Yorkshire pudding? Yes I love Yorkshire pudding. I hate custard.

6. How are the investigators going? Is the baptism for the wife set yet? How about Billy? Jason? They are going well. Billy has been to church twice we see Jason a lot and the date is set for the 8th hopefully.  Pray for that please.

7. Did the super smart guy come back from Holiday yet? Yes he did and we saw his wife. They invited us to dinner and came to church.

8. What are you doing for PDay? Nothing today. it was a crummy pday actually

9. Have you seen any sites of London yet? Like the Thames river or are yo far from there? All the sites of London are on the north. I will have to wait until the end. But yes I have seen the Thames.

10. Pictures? Have you sent that card yet? Also send some attached here if you can. How is your camera holding up? I will send some pics here

On to the real letter. So I sent sister Bertha a letter. It was a bad analogy but it was true. It was a lame letter so I will have to send her a better one next time. BA sent me a package with a talk in it called the 17 points of the true church. It was a good talk. I enjoyed it a lot. I really appreciate him writing me and sending that.  He is a kool kat. This week I went on exchanges with elder Curran who is my zl I stayed in Croydon. It was really good. I learned a ton from him. He is super smart and a good missionary. We ran into Paul who knows a ton about the church but doesn’t like it. So they had a really long conversation about grace and doing all you can do. I understood about half of it. It was awesome. This week was good Dominic invited us over for dinner but we couldn’t make it and then we ended up being able to teach his wife later. She is equally as smart. These two know everything and it’s ridiculous. It’s really hard to teach them because they know everything you are going to say. Billy came to church and actually cancelled his dj studio time so he could make it. He is doing really well and the ward did awesome at fellowshipping him. How is tank doing and how is Centennial looking this year? That’s great for Bret. I’m glad that you and Alexis are like buddies now. That’s a little weird, but kool. My cursive is coming along well. I also have a surprise for Lex and Lei but mostly Lex. It’s in the pictures I will send you. That’s kool for Quincy. Korea sounds kool.  Just talk to Lim.  Oh and I attached a special pic for Q and Mary.  It is me- Asian style.
Joey- Asian Style for Q and Mary

One of the funniest things on the mission is when girls hit on you and you just get to shut them down. It’s AWESOME! I bought a new tie that’s cheetah print and the girl at the store loved it and just loved the fact that I was buying. Anyway she was speaking much flattery to me telling me how it goes so well with my eyes and telling me how she loves when guys aren’t afraid to wear something like that and so on... much flattery. I told her to have a nice day and she said oh I will and then winked and then I basically just had to cut her off,  I said, I am a missionary here in London to teach the restored Gospel. AWESOME!
Much flattery
We had another really busy week with teaches. Our ward is an awesome fellowshipping ward. Which makes it super easy because then they get to connect with other people and not just us. Make sure you do that to help the elders.  I noticed something with elder Curran. I have two years to remember for the rest of my life.  I have to do all I can.  It’s important to not waste time to me. And by wasting I mean hating. If you hate something don’t do it. I decided I’m going to love this work  and enjoy it. I told Bret that there is a time for everything, and how true that is. When I’m 30 I probably won’t be playing lacrosse/sports so I have 8 years when I get back to enjoy and make the most of it. Just like the mission.  I have less than two years now to make the most of it and teach everyone I can. Plant many seeds like you say.   I just passed the 4 month mark and I only have 20 months to do this work here in England and I am going to enjoy the rest of it.Every minute.  Everything has a time and a season.  
When I get done with school I wouldn’t mind travelling everywhere with Uncle Tom. That would be incredible.

I’m outro

Joey- Love you all


Side note-

Oh also attach this to the email..... I woke up at like 1 am to get a drink and I heard some dripping in the closet and I was like whoa am I in a csi scene where someone gets murdered and the blood is now dripping through the roof. And I was like whoa serious stuff. So I opened the closet and to my disappointment it was just water leaking through the roof. So I woke elder Hansen and then we placed buckets under it and elder Hansen and I would wake up every hour to empty them. We finally found out that the people above us forgot to turn off a faucet and it leaked into their closet and into our closet . Here is a pic of it.
More photos-
Tie trading

Made official

Always himself

For Lex and Lei but mostly for Lex.  (I am guessing it has something to do with the cheetah print)

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