Monday, November 5, 2012

This week and last-

Hi everyone- Last week I did not post Joey's letter.  It was transfer week and I thought I would get a longer letter later in the week, but no such luck.  Here are the two letter starting with today's-

November 5, 2012
Ok,so first off lately people have been asking about the presidential election stuff. Which I don’t know what is going on but the people here expect me to know because I am American. Everyone here loves Obama. I have made it pretty clear to the people here that I was going to vote/voted for Romney but not because he has the same faith as me. The media here apparently shows Obama as like the clear best choice. In asking I have found it has a lot to do with health care. I share a story of some sorts about free healthcare. President Shamo tore his rotator cuff when he was here. He went to the doctors and the doctors said that it was above their paygrade and they couldn’t do anything about so they told him to take ibuprofen and to join the wait list. About a month later he finally was able to get the surgery. (the English government signed him up for the private doctor that was closest to him, not the one that was best for the surgery) Guess who was performing the surgery? It was the same doctors that told him it was above their paygrade. The point of the story is free healthcare doesn’t work. But everyone in England loves it because it’s the only thing they know. I have decided that if obamacare holds up then I will go into plastic/cosmetic surgery, that way I will stay privatized. Whatever happens happens. That’s enough of my rant though. I try not to discuss politics but sometimes … Anyhow, this week was good in Croydon we picked up a new investigator. Her husband got baptized 3 weeks ago and now she feels like she needs to be a part of Mormonism. She is really funny. She is Ghanaian and her name is Selina. Her husband is pretty funny. Teaching them went really well. Billy is doing really well- we spent all of Saturday night looking for hot cocoa. He has a really good sense of right and wrong which makes things very easy to teach him. Jason is progressing just very slowly. We still go over to his bachelor pad often and read a chapter or two with him. He is great and we love working with him. That’s well good for Morgan. She will probs fit right in to Indonesia. Her comp might lose her too often. It’s starting to rain heavier and get really cold. It was like 4 degrees yesterday. Celsius. So I think it’s like 38 Fahrenheit. Fahrenheit 451 was such a good book. I’m still trying to find a scale, I can’t find one. People in England don’t care about weight as much as Americans. In fact the girl who got voted the prettiest girl in the world from England’s perspective is Tulisa. And she would be a little pudgy by American standards. Her neck freaks me out and I don’t think she is pretty at all.

I ripped my first pair of pants on the back of the thigh. I am not sure how it happened but it was a proper rip. One that couldn’t be sewn back.

We have big plans for this week- we are trying to get a 20 lesson week, which is tough to do. And we have to visit all the lost sheep and contact LARCs, its definitely going to be one of the busiest weeks for sure.

 I have officially decided that I am going to travel the world. Preferably while I’m attending school. I would like to study abroad later.  I have seen how much you learn from other people and other cultures and other governments. Once I’m a doctor (why put off the inevitable) I will be making bank bro and be able to go everywhere. I have big after the mission goals. Like go to every state and every continent and most countries. It’s all about the connections you make with people. I also have big goals during my mission so don’t think I’m forgetting about those. Some of the mission goals are to read every page of my scriptures. Some people say skip Old Testament but its scripture too so no skipping. Another goal would be to enjoy my time here. People here often say I’m wasting time being a missionary, I say, time spent serving others isn’t time wasted at all.  Time spent teaching others the Gospel isn’t time wasted at all.  So time I enjoy ‘wasting’ isn’t time wasted at all..    I’m just impressed with everything that I have learned about people, life, religion, myself, and the world. Which in a nutshell, I have learned a lot.

My times up, until next week.

Joey-love you all

p.s. have Bret email me. Instead of write me



1. How are the investigators?

2. Raining a lot? Or just the mist? Cold?

3. Ok after this transfer when Hansen goes home will you likely stay in Croydon? You mentioned that last time? Could you get transferred to a new area? Will you train someone?

4. Did you meet finally with Pres. Millar? How was he?

5. Any letters this week?

6. How are your shoes holding up?

7. We have to start getting your Christmas package done, Give us some ideas of what you would like.

8. How are you doing? Are you needing that Vitamin D yet? Hayden said it saved him from being freaked out about the rain.

9. BYU is coming here next weekend. Do you want me to tell anyone anything ?

10. Is there anything I could send to Elder Hansen for a treat?

1. Good- really good.

2. It rained heavy yesterday, it is proper cold now

3. I have a big chance of staying in Croydon. we will see about training.

4. Yes, he was good, great guy

5. I did get a letter from Sunny. Thanks!

6. Good.

7.Those mio things are well good

8. Fine and idk. Might as well send it

9. Tell everyone hello and please talk to Pat. He’s kool and I would like to hear from him.

10. I don’t know.  Not fruit!  Anything good.

October 29, 2012

This week is good but I dont have much time to email. Hansen and I are staying in Croydon. Not much really happened this move. The letters were really cool because everyone thought I was a boss because of sister bertha and sister moody so no big deal. We have a new investigator who is really cool and the teaches are going great. He is probably like 28 and is a dj. His name is Billy. Do you think Brady want to room with us even though he will be married soon after his return? Well anyhow, I plan on living with brady and mary anyways. So wherever Brady is I am too. Oh it is getting so cold and it now gets dark at like 4 which is annoying because it gets really cold plus people dont talk during the night and they get angry if you knock on their doors during nighttime. Hey, how long has elder Nelly been there. Maybe Parra knows nikko paraso he is elder hansens old comp. He always talks abouts him. I have basically been solidified in Croydon for at least another move after hansen leaves. So I will most likely be here for 4 moves or 6 months. I have officially passed my 100 day mark so me and elder hansen are going to celebrate by getting nandos. It is a really spicy chicken that is really good but expensive. That is all, sorry it was short.
Read Helaman and pray always,
Joey- love you all

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