Monday, November 26, 2012

The people were so righteous- they just lived

1..So how are your investigators? I am trying to keep them all straight. Give me there names and what is going on with them? 1. Billy came to church with his son for the third time in a row. Haven’t seen Jason in a while. There is just one Italian. Alessandra is doing well. Selina has a date for the 8th and just has to come to church next week and she is ready. Dominic and his wife came to church. We don’t see them that much. The family that came to church saw us through the window and then turned off all their lights... we saw them an hour later at the bus stop and they didn’t want to talk.


2. Did you get the package? If so when? I am trying to see how long it takes. I sent the first one on November 9 and then I sent two on the 13th. Did you get any of them yet? .I got the first package on Thanksgiving and the other two the very next day.


3. What are you reading now? Have you started the Old Testament yet? Just bouncing around. Nope. Well kind of. 


4. Do you think you will stay in Croydon when Elder Hansen leaves? Very possible


5. Is the mission home in your zone? I ask because I am trying to figure out how yo will get the suitcase my friends are dropping off there the week before Christmas. It’s next door. I could easily pick it up or get someone to drop it off like the zl's


6. Any letters this week? Bertha family week! I got one from Andrew which is nice because they take about a month and a half to get to each other. I got 3 from sister bertha. Which I do  have the same bday as Megan or Monica (sorry). June 3rd!!! And then I got one from Anne Capener. So all related.


7. Any new great photos for me? I love photos!!! Sorry Ma, none this week.


On to my letter. This week was fine. It’s windy and cold and drizzling rain all the time. It was sunny yesterday but literally was still raining. We did a lot of teaching this week and trying to visit people. The work goes and goes good. Selina is progressing really well and she just came to church yesterday so she only needs to come one more time to get baptized which she says is exactly what she wants and needs. The phone must be proper if Bret wanted it. Who is Anelle?  Have I met her?   That’s good that most people came over. For Thanksgiving.  I missed it some but we had agood day with the Tuckers. Sounds like Dee and Todd gave good talks.  Todd always gives good talks. Pday today is going to be well dope. The elderly elders and sisters are making Thanksgiving dinner today so we get to enjoy it. We also enjoyed Thanksgiving with the Tuckers and they had friends from back home over so it was an American day all together. It was proper Thanksgiving in England. It is weird because there is no black Friday here. I guess the day after Christmas is a really big shopping day. Thanks for the packages. The beef jerky is lovely and I finished about half of it already. All the ties are sick especially the BB ties. Did you really send me a 400 dollar tie? The Hermes Paris tie had a price tag on the back of it and it said $388.00. Where are you getting these ties?    (Note from Christine- the tie in question came from DI-  Price tag and all.   Score!) Also a side note- I prefer the thicker material ties because they can tie some fatty knots. Oh and another side note, There are these pink flowers that if you pick them and squeeze the base, nectar comes out and it tastes really good. It’s like the nectar of gods. Billy came to church and our bishop is becoming really good friends with him so it makes it really nice and easy. So I was just going through the Old Testament and found out that in between Adam and Noah,the first two prophets, There was a ton of time.  They were separated age wise by over 1000 years and it was because the people were so righteous they just lived.

Oh and I told dad that knocking does more harm than good now here.  It is true. it gets dark at 4 and if you knock after 4 people get very angry with you.. Sadly, what missionaries do is annoying to other people.  So many people won’t answer the door.

Also dad said the Patriots played the Lions but Mark said they played the Jets. I would like to formally take this time to send a laugh to  James Welfare and Mike Calamia. hahahahahaha GO PATS!! Can’t really think of anything else to say this week. So. Goodbye.

Joey- love you all

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