Monday, November 12, 2012

Mom I hate to tell you this but, Fogos NEVER get married.

1.    How are your investigators doing.  Great

2.  Any letters/ emails this week  Yes, Alexis, Calvin and Sister Bertha  Thank you to them I love mail

3. So do you have any Christmas requests besides mio drinks?  Scarves and jumpers (sweaters/ cardigans)

4. Quincy gets her mission call Wednesday- any serious guess as to her assignment? Somewhere in California.  Wherever it is it will be the best place in the world for her.  Like ELSM is for me.

5. How is your ward? My ward is great.

6. What are you reading in the scriptures right now? I am reading Hebrews.

7. Any photos this week? I have not taken many.  I may be able to send you some later today because we are meeting with mission leaders for accounting.  I will ask if I can send you some.

8. What are you doing for Pday today? Zone sports so ping pong and chair soccer.

On to my real letter, to answer a few things you asked about mail- No my packages are not opened and yes the beef jerky did arrive so SEND that if you can.  Tell Wes’ gramma thanks for making it.  I have not had to pay  customs fees because you have kept the cost low enough.  Thanks Mum.

Ha it’s good to hear about  Pat. I  hope everyone liked Las  Vegas.  It would have been well cooler if I was there. So look out BOTW 2014.  Connection I just made. Cougars are cats, big cats. At least you got to see everyone for me. How is the lax team doing? Pat sounds good. Did you talk to Neil and Mickell. They’re married. Which is weird- they’re d-mids. They’re the closest blood relative to the FOGO. Mom I hate to tell you this but, Fogos NEVER get married. It’s a bachelor position of sorts. Sorry to smash your dreams of grandchildren that look like me.

 This week was good as far as the work goes. It was crazy busy. We had a family just randomly stroll into church. I guess they were shopping and decided to come in and check it out. Needless to say we have a teach setup with them tonight. Billy came to church yesterday. He is awesome. He is getting there slowly but surely. We see Jason probably twice a week. This week we had a d.a.s at the Tucker’s 3 times. They’re from Texas. They’re a cool family that take good care of us. It got super cold. It didn’t really rain heavy this week but man it got cold. I need scarves. Also scarves look baller with suits. I’m going to look like the million dollar baby when I get home that’s for sure with all I see here in London.  Our whole past week was crazy busy we just had teaches on teaches on teaches. It is definitely fun. I’m becoming a great lesson teacher.  Seriously.  I am . Hansen and I are just good tag teamers. And I realized there is no wrong thing to say when you speak with the spirit which is great. We met with an investigator that we have been trying to avoid for a while. He was just standing on the sidewalk and spotted us and ran into us. The reason we avoid him is because he invites us over and just bashes us. He is non denom, but he sees what we do as a good thing but for a bad church. So he has good intentions. He knows a lot about the bible, he actually has some really good stuff to share with us, but everything has a little hint of him telling us our religion is wrong. I really like the guy even though he is straight up wrong. Because everything closes at like 6 we spent 2 hours with Billy this week walking around trying to find hot chocolate. We got in some good conversations in which I know he knew what we were saying was true.  He brought his kid to church which is great. In big news, one of our new investigators has a baptism date. All she needs to do is make it to church twice, and then continue obvi. Her husband was baptized three weeks ago in the Birmingham mission. So she decided it would be good if she followed.


 You didn’t tell me Obama won. People here were happy. We heard about it the day of. I’m not fussed believe it or not. Whatever happens, happens.  Like I said last week. 

This week was rough because it was so busy. Like its nice but at the same time hard. For some reason I had lacrosse in the back of my mind the whole week. I’m still looking for a lacrosse kid, no luck though.

Everyone always asks if I knew Folkerson. Every time anyone hears I played lacrosse that’s the first question. President Millar loves that I played lacrosse. Anytime I see him he brings it up.  He is such a great guy.  Folkerson’s senior year should be a good one. That will be a solid defense with Harrison coming back. And yes, I do  know about Harrison training and stuff. We email. Good for him he will do well. Mary- ha Hong Kong would be ill if it was an English speaking mission. I have decided they are the best. I would struggle with language. The best mission is  England. Even more specifically London. Even more specifically south of the Thames.  Oh and mom speaking of languages when I get back I want to get Rosetta stone. The Italian version. I have set a life goal of learning Italian. It’s gonna happen. I don’t know a Charlie. And it’s good to hear that Calvin is going to Spain. He wrote me. That’s sick. We will have one last year. BYU is just stacking up for 2014-2015. That seems far off doesn’t it? Oh well. 2014 it is.  Thanks for the photos of Mikell and Calvin.  Mikell got married.  Another one bites the dust.

Oh and this week was bonfire night. It’s basically 4th of July but for a whole week. It’s not as huge as America’s but fireworks are always going on. We got invited to a Baptist church party that had a firework show. It was some proper fun.

 I am out. Got big stuff planned. Also is dad still on the diet? He better be like 220 when I get back.   Did Bret get halo 4 or black ops 2? I see posters for them everywhere. Reminds me of our nights playing all night long. Tell Bret I want all of the halos so me and him can play them through when I’m back and if he is still there that is.  I will wait for him to get back too.  One last thing I have envisioned my bachelor pad. It includes a nice flat screen and an xbox and a snow leopard. Haha


Joey- Love you all

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