Monday, October 22, 2012

Knocking is not too successful. Street contacting is better too because they can’t slam doors!


" if we are in need of help we must do whatever we can to get to Him because he can heal us." I think this may be good when  teaching investigators because it is not just 'Mormon' doctrine

I like that quote and will use it when I can.   It seems other people believe that Mormons believe in a different Jesus Christ. Many other Christian religions believe we are saved on faith alone. Mormons (we) believe that we are saved through faith AND good works. So they say  to me our Jesus is the wrong Jesus, so it may not work as well with all of our investigators. But it’s great and a good thought. Being on the mission lets you listen to all sides of different religions which also means that I have heard a lot of anti mormon stuff. Which I can say I can see why people believe what they do but it doesn’t affect me.  I know what I believe and I am not ashamed.  I have heard more anti stuff on my mission than my previous 19 years combined. It is crazy really. I just passed my three month mark which is kinda  kool. It reminds me of lacrosse with Tank. As long as I could finish those 12 laps or whatever and a million sprints then I knew I could finish practice. Same way with the mission. I finished three months so of course I can finish the other 21 months.  Some people might want to give up sometimes. Not me,It makes me stronger. I am glad Tank taught us to push forward and work hard. It is coming in handy out here. 

I will answer your Q's now.

1. Is it raining a lot now?  Nope staying at a foggy mist in the moment

2.  Who are you teaching?  Jason’s cousin JD

3.  Do you knock doors all day every day? Not every day. Knocking is not too successful. Street contacting is better too because they can’t slam doors!

4.  When do you do your planning?  Every night

5.  What are Elder Hansen’s responsibilities as a leader?  He teaches in meetings with our district and reports.

6.  Any mail? None to my flat. Our ZL's say I had a ton of mail so I will find out later today

7.Did you get our package? Nope, not yet.

8. Have you been spending time with the folks from Africa? About a quarter or third of my ward is African. So yes.

9. What are you reading right now? 3rd Nephi- best book EVAH!!

10. Is the ward still taking good care of you as you put it?  How is your Bishop?  Yes. He is funny. He just jokes around all day.

11 Temple yet? No. I will probably go once a year maybe twice.

12.  What are you doing for Pday today? Just having a zone pday playing chair football


Onto the stretch of my email. No, transfers are next Monday. The AP's called asking if we have a lot of Chinese in our area -which we don’t- because they want to get the Chinese speaking elders near London. So I might end up with a Chinese elder. Which would stink because I would rather kill off elder Hansen. It really would stink to have a 6 week area as your last so I hope I am with him.

Well that’s good that everyone is doing well.  I am doing well as well.

Last pday we went bowling with elder Fingerle and his district. Fingerle was my best buddy in the MTC. So we got to catch up on things. He is doing really well. It’s official that I'm horrible at bowling by the way. I got like 3 games of getting 40 or so. Good thing I don’t go and take girls on bowling dates. Good thing I don’t date in the first place. Bowling will be the last place I will try to impress a girl.  We are having a zone pday today because its 2 elders last pday in our area so it’s going to be huge.


How is byu lax doing? Are they still with reebok?


We have our stake conference this Sunday and that will be great. It should be good.

 I don’t know what more to email about because nothing has really changed. We were supposed to have three of our investigators at church but none showed up which was actually surprising. I am figuring out it’s harder to wake up at 6.30 on the mission than waking up at like 4.30 for lacrosse. It’s probably because I know if I wake up late I won’t have to run sprints until I die. HA! To be honest, Its definitely getting harder to wake up with the cold but I always remember what Bro. Warburton said,   “hitting the snooze makes you even more tired and its harder to get up after you hit snooze so just get out of bed.” So I just roll onto my knees  to pray and then all the way to the shower now. Croydon is great the ward is really cool and the people here are so interesting. I have never met so many Muslims in my life. And ironically enough they are the nicest to us.

We are starting to read a chapter a day of the BOM with Jason now. He loves to read with us. It is really great.

As far as exercising our flat only has like 20 pound dumbbells so I can’t really use those in my work out. It’s like I think maybe sister missionaries used to live here, or little noodle arms. I need like at least 5 times more weight to get any type of work out in but it’s all good.  I fear I won’t ever get a good work out on my mission apart from jump roping and pushups. I have officially lost my 8 pack, or 6 pack. It’s gone now so I can’t really remember what I had. I would be able to take on dad still so I’m not worried about that. Well here is a quote as I finish. I hear this one a lot.

"I like your Christ but I do not like your Christians, your Christians are nothing like your Christ" – Ghandi

We all have to do more to be like Christ not just believe in Him.

And one more

" El gato en el sombrero" -Joey or dr.suess

Love you all- Joey

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  1. best Joey quote ever - "As far as exercising our flat only has like 20 pound dumbbells so I can’t really use those in my work out. It’s like I think maybe sister missionaries used to live here, or little noodle arms."

    todd and I can't stop laughing too funny! awesome letter!!