Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm on a mission doing exactly what I want to be doing at this moment in time I'm having the time of my life

Ok, so that opener was sarcasm.  This is hard and this week was hard-

Here are your questions-

1. Is the baptism for Saturday on? Will it be you or Elder Hansen who baptized her? there is no baptism anymore 

2. Where did you watch conference? Did you get to stay up very late to watch. the church

3. What did you think of the age change? I could have been out for a year by now!

4. Which talk was your favorite? I liked echo hawks talk.

5. Are you teaching any new people? nope not really

6. How are your Italians? Did you tell them about our family in Italy? I haven’t seen them in a while now

7. Did you get any letters this week? yea from my boiiii blake dowling

8. Did you mail that Picture card from your old camera? If not please mail it!! I will when I fill it up and i'll send it home with a package of assortments

9. Have you seen or heard from President Millar? no not really

10. Have you started working out? yea I work out every day. I am so yakkkked

11. Do you want the vitamin D? nahhh not yet

This conference weekend was a letdown kinda. I always heard how much elders love conference week and we did nothing. Our zone leaders said that we had to stay in Croydon and we only watched Saturday nights and Sunday mornings sessions which were all on Sunday for us. Priesthood session wouldn’t work via internet for us so we missed that. Saturday we went out to the Samoan/Australian/new Zealand family that elder Hansen knows. They were well kool.  They had like a little party and stuff which was really fun plus we ate a ton of awesome food. They were all well nice and super ridiculously interested in the fact that I’m from Las Vegas. Everyone just kept asking me a ton of questions about how I grew up and stuff. It was a lot of fun. I swear elder Holland’s talk was like well similar to one that I heard in the mtc. It was just touched up with a little bit more. Either way it was good to hear it again. This whole week was a downer. Everyone cancelled on us basically. It was decided not to go through with the baptism because it wasn’t important to her at all and she didn’t understand anything. Since then she has flogged us like 20 times. The Italian family flogged us twice. It was rough. One bright spot though was we met with this guy named Dominic who referred himself to us. He went to college and studied the bible so the guy knows his stuff. Anyways he made a list of everything that a church should have according to the bible, and he ended up throwing it away because  “it resembled the Mormon church too closely” Then a month later he decided that he would do it again and he came up with the same result so he decided to learn more. The guy knows more stuff than anyone I have ever met. Think of like a non baptised Todd Moody mixed with Bruce and dad. The guy has read the bible like 50 times like he straight up quotes scriptures. I read from Corinthians and he started reciting it with me without a bible. He has read the book of Mormon, d&c, pearl of great price, Joseph Smith discourses, Brigham Young discourses, and has watched the past like 5 conferences. So he knows a lot more than I do that’s for sure. He also works for the biggest accounting company in England so the guy is well off. I mentioned Bednar and he was like ' oh I love that man he has the best talks I have ever heard.' So he basically taught us when we met with him. He ended up saying that he will be on holiday until middle of November and the reason he won’t get baptised right now is because he doesn’t want to miss church 6 weeks in a row. The guy is great and his wife is interested as well so they read the BOM together every day. He is like the perfect investigator. He even taught us basically how to bash. Apparently he went and researched all this anti stuff and just disproved it and would counter with why our church is right. He knows a lot--- let’s leave it at that. By the way cd's are the way to get music to me or a usb drive. We have a tiny little disc reader/dvd player with a usb joint in it. How is Hayden liking everything? And how is Provo for him? Heard he does well in lax. Tell him I have a ton of stringing stuff in a drawstring bag and also in a box. The bag might be in my room and the box is in the corner of the movie room. He and Sam and Bret can have anything as long as it’s for themselves. I know Bret likes to just give away stuff to his friends but don’t let him. It’s too expensive for people who don’t care about it or take care of it. Also,you didn’t need to spend that much because I don’t need water proof socks. The gloves will be helpful though so thank you much . The age thing with elders was like a blessing and curse for me. Because I see that I could have been out for like a year now but at the same time I may not have come out then, and  may have not came out on a mission if I felt like I was past the age, you know. Anyways i just feel like all the boys will get pressured to go at 18 when I feel like it’s more important to establish a base in the Gospel and for school first. It might work for byu but if a kid doesn’t want to go to byu then he is messed up because he will be an old freshman. . Also I wonder how recruiting is going to work out now for like byu lax. It will be interesting none the less. As conference came to an end I was thinking of where I was a year and I remembered I was having the time of my life with like 5 girls making me food to watch conference with Madi, Lauren, Mace ,Kayla and Annie.... and all the DKINGZ of course. Time went by so fast and looking at it this way I will only get to see 3 other conferences on my mission.

Apparently I have an unheard of accent now. Everyone always asks where I’m from and I say Vegas and they’re like weird you don’t sound like you’re from the states. But they can never tell me where I sound like I’m from. I have my own accent! I went on exchanges this week and this time I went up to Welling and did some stuff with my ZL- it was fun. I also went on a 2 hour exchange with elder Schmoekel. He was up at byu and came out 6 weeks earlier. Both were a lot of fun... I’ll send some pictures maybe later. Anyway I am  outtro.

Joey- love you all

Weekly cat

In a car!

Elder Schmoekel
Joey's letter to his Dad this week-


HAhahahahahHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!!!! Greenbay blows now... just back to old ways Aaron Rodgers is the next Brett Favre.... while classic Tom Brady is still Tom Brady.... Patriots are the best.... we will have members record conference for us so we can watch the ones we missed. Especially priesthood. Conference was good. Probably the first time I stayed awake.... Echo Hawk is cool. the story of the fake letter... apparently the professional that uncovered the truth of it was president Shamo the MP who was before Millar... so all the missionaries are raving about it.... it’s sad that people would leave over a fake letter... they were just looking for an excuse to leave anyways... Jesus gave strong doctrine to weed out the weak disciples. Do you get unlv basketball tickets? I guess they are going to be really good this year... like natty champ good again. 

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