Monday, October 15, 2012

- You have Cat to be kitten me right meow!

Hello everyone!

So my investigator called the house?!! Which by the way I don’t know if he can’t call you but he insisted and I literally couldn’t say no to him... he is from Barbados so it’s impossible to say no to him. We are having Monday movie nights with him where we will watch a church movie with him and eat chicken and chips. Like we will probably watch the restoration tomorrow. He is well kool.   I sent his photo for you. 
Morgan? Like Morgan Sandburg? Going on a mission?!! YES!!! tell him to email me. That’s well dope if he does his papers..... Ricky is married????? Ricky was kool until he got married. Haha!!! But whatever floats his boat or finds his remote or flips his 4 wheeler. (shoutout to Hayden. He will understand if he reads that.) Seriously though, that is kool for Ricky and Taylor. That’s good for Sam that he got his Eagle!!! Way to go Samwell. Bret should be coming next then. Get on it Bret.
Yea this week was good. It is starting to get well cold and stuff but it didn’t really rain too hard this week just a mist again.  The picture you sent me of the gloves aren’t the gloves that I got. And the gloves are a little big but whatever.  They are warm.  Thanks! The hat you sent me makes me look like a nerd but its okay. The socks are sooo cool I took a shower with them on and they really are like waterproof which is sick. Sorry, but you have to do the ten questions or else I am sure I  won’t answer them all. But here goes- I didn’t get to listen to all of conference yet. A member in our ward said he will copy them to a dvd for us to watch so I might be able to or maybe not. And that smart guy his name is D----- but he is already on holiday so we will have to wait til mid-November to see what happens. We went to a baptism on Saturday. It was our bishop’s kid. It was really good. I wore a great Britain Olympic tie and everyone loved it and then would ask if I was English and I would say no. Then they would ask where I was from and tell me I didn’t have an accent. I feel like I have my own accent now for sure. Everyone lately is bringing it up.  Haha. I still sound normal no accent really just mine own accent. The only British slang I can think of is bad words really. Because I always try not to say them because in the states they are fine to say but here they aren’t. Oh and  I think they do Halloween but I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure yes though. I hope I answered everything. I can’t really think of what to write because the days are all mushed together so I really have nothing to separate them. But we had kool stuff happen this week with our investigators J--- and   R--- and J-------..    

In other news, I found the best place ever. It’s the street market. I can get like 8 pomegranates for a pound. But they aren’t really ripe yet so I will wait like 2-3 weeks until I buy all of them. Especially since I found out that elder Hansen never really liked or ate much fruit back at home so I am making him try all the fruit he has never tried.  He said he just never really liked it.   The fruit here is good. I need to find a scale quickly I’ve probably gained like 20 pounds. It’s awesome.

Getting the letters from the primary was very cool.  It made my day and I am glad that they took the time to write me.  I liked all their pictures and I hung a lot of them up at our flat.  The kids are awesome and maybe they can write to some of the kids I know here. 

 My bed is really bad here. It is like 10 times worse than the byu beds. My back hurts like every morning. I’m going to just start sleeping on the floor.   Studying is going well and I learn a lot but my mind wanders sometimes- but I do what I can do and study a lot. Currently I am reading Helaman.  I have learned a lot though.  Tell the Pattersons I ate fufu with my hands which was awesome complete African to eat with your hands. So now I don’t use utensils I just like my hands. The peanut butter sauce that goes on it is by far the best. I probably ate like 2 kilos of food. It’s crazy. They call me and African chief now that I eat with my hands. (This was all at mama V’s house. She is a good cook. and she will makes things spicy if I ask which is very nice of her.  It’s great. I got mail this week from Ali nooooooorda and Quincy. Ali's letter was good and so was Quincy's.  Q is still a nerd!!!! Hahahaha.  I will write them both back soon.  Oh well I’m outtro.. I’m going to be like the trees and leave....

I love you all- Joey

ps. You have Cat to be kitten me right meow!
Great investigator!!

Elder Lusk- Going home next week

AP White - Also leaving soon

AP Albrechtsen He is kool (with a k- he must be REALLY kool.)


For the Pattersons- Fufu in the middle- guinea fowl on the right- chicken and rice on the left.

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