Monday, October 1, 2012

Sidewalk chalk

Helllllloooooooo, Anyways I do know elder Keller. He was elder Sparks trainer and then sparks moved up to my zone. I heard he is well kool. He has been down in Helston for his whole time... like 8 months or something crazy. I had to give a little talk at this 8 year old girl’s baptism. I just talked about when Jesus got baptized and how that was one of the only times God verbally told Jesus well done. So I basically said everyone is telling her well done. At church it was just the primary stuff where they all talk and sing and stuff. So we didn’t really do anything at church. We were supposed to have 4 investigators come to church but only 1 showed up. His name is Ross and he is 19, he is well dope. He comes to whatever we ask him to come to. It basically misted all day this whole week except for Saturday. This week was a lot of fun except we got flogged for almost every teach we set up. We found this chalk rock on the ground and wrote on the street and started to walk away and some guy yelled at us calling us vandals but was just joking and started to ask us questions about the site and our religion so that was cool. It probably washed away by now because of the rain. We had like no DAs this week which was the first time I haven’t had a DA on my mission which was well weird. But me and Hansen stocked up on food. We basically eat fried rice and bacon pasta (thanks for teaching me to make that)all the time. I am getting well fat for sure on my mission. Which is crazy because we walk all over the place. But it is true missionaries get blessed with like 20 stomachs. I can eat for dayzzz! I would most def beat dad in any eating contest he would choose. Me and Hansen are going to have to start running especially since he is going home soon. I think I’m way out of shape now though. I had to run to catch a bus and I was like dying trying to catch my breath. But you can tell my coaches I’m still zippy though. Tell dad I can get him an unlocked galaxy note for 300 pounds. So I could buy it and send it home but he would just need to supply me with the cash. So if he started to hate his s3 yet then he has another option. I think I’m way intimidating because the street preachers don’t even try to talk to us. When we pass them they just shuttup. It’s pretty funny actually. Sister Bertha is well awesome. I got like 3 dear elders from her but please tell her I can’t respond that often because of the missionary budget but keep writing!!!. You better send mail to Andrew. I wrote him but post takes a month to get to him from me and vice versa... Brazilians. I realised that while I was writing to Meagan I need to have better penmanship. So I decided to take up practicing cursive. I feel more intelligent writing that way. That’s well kool for Millie. Austin is a really good kid. It’s good Jenna finally won and that Bret the nerd is on the chess club.ha-ha I’m sure he can talk with dad for dayz about chess and math now..... Nerds. This family from Spain loves me, I can’t understand them at all because they only speak Spanish but we use google translate. They found out that I’m Italian so they love me because they’re Italians. Which reminds me where is my blood from like what cities in Italy. They want to know so bad because the wife says I look really Italian and they are just fascinated with me ha-ha. Her family is from Sicily and the husband’s family is from Naples. But anyways they want to know really bad... like really really bad. We get a lot of referrals in Croydon which is good because it keeps us really busy. Sending real letters is a lot so email is better for family mom. I just got your email. But I am going to send home a package of vimto and galaxy and stuff so find out if Todd or Bruce want anything. Anyways Joey- love you all

1. How is the girl for baptism? Aneidi, and she flogged us everyday so we didn’t see her.

2. What is her name? Aneidi

3. How are the Italians? Alessandra, and she is good

4. How is Elder Hanson doing? great

5. It looked like it warmed up this week a bit. Did it? ehhh no 

6. Ok so as far as sending you stuff- Do you want me to mail a packageof things? I emailed you what I could use, thanks.

7. Have you heard from any other Elders from your days at BYU? Yes, Chase, Taylor Taylor, Max, Reed, Beau, Blake

8. Any new foods? nope

9. What did you do at church this week? Teaching primary? just church and sharing time/singing time

10. Still reading Corinthians? I read EVERYTHING

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