Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Zone football

Anyways my letter will be short because we had a zone vs zone football match. We played full pitch and had like 16 elders on each side. There should be a picture of it. Anyways I actually got sunburned in England haha. This week has been hard. I got sick so I have been really tired but still trying to do everything. It stunk. I tried to attach a video but I guess it was too big. I bought a new grey suit so that is way cool. I think I am going to buy a better camera. This thing is huge and runs out of batteries so quickly. (And they are cheap here.) Some other things that are cheap are cars. A brand new Mercedes sl is only 24,000 pounds a nice beamer that had 15,000 miles on it was only 700 quid. So I might buy a car and send it home. haha That way I can pickup girls by having a right side driver car. haha
This week was basically spent contacting and teaching referrals. We have been doing a lot of that. Not much finding really. We have been helping the members which is great!  We get fed dinner and sometimes lunch as well plus we get referrals so it’s like a win, win, WIN. Also can you get in touch with Max Ash's parents so we can all stay together when we are home. But that’s all for today... bye nerds!

Joey- love you all

 This week's Q and A

1. The girl from Sierra Leone that was baptized... Do you know how long she has been in London. The Pattersons wanted to figure out if they could have know her. Do you know her story? (Like where she is from etc and if she learned about the church in Africa or in London?)

 I don’t know anything of her really.  She was pretty much done when I got here.

2. Any new families? How is the teaching?

Two girls from Ghana and a Portuguese family that speaks no English

3. Did you get the skim boards?

Nope, not yet

4. Is the razor photo I sent you okay? I want order it if you want it?

Yes, order it please

5. What did you do at Church this week? Did you guys have to teach?

Nope, no teaching but I have to talk next Sunday about the example of Jesus Christ.

6. Have you met with President Millar at all? What was that like? Have you had any trainings that you attend?

Not yet

7. New foods?


8. Cool sites?

see pictures attached (**The post before this one)

9. Do you see hedgehogs?


10. What are you studying?

Book of Mormon


11. Do you prefer real letters to emails? Or do you like emails?


12. Did anyone write this week? Who?

Yes. bruv Anderson. Andrew bertha. And his mom which was cool. I wrote him back (Andrew) but I am going to use this time to shout out sister Bertha. Thanks for the letter it’s awesome to hear from people and how they are doing and how their family is doing. And also shouts to Bruce. That was cool as well tell Courtney congrats if it’s not weird that I’m like 3 years younger than her.

13. Are you able to work out at all every day? What do you do?

Yes we usually pass the American football as well as play football (English football so soccer)

14. If you have time, write down your typical day. :)

Not much time today, sorry.  But we basically,Wake up, teach, preach , sleep!

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