Monday, September 24, 2012

It's a mist really


The book is blue.  The church is true.
Anyways here goes my letter.

Congrats to Millie and Jenna and Bret. That’s sick for Hayden. It must have been a good talk see if you can send it to me. If he even wrote anything down. I had to withdraw money I had to buy had to buy a winter jacket. That’s well cool for Mitch but so weird that he is married. I used to think he was so cool and now he is married dude. Hope the lacrosse team does well, they will probably have a good season. This week was well good. We committed one of our investigators for baptism but we still have a lot to teach her. Is dad still doing a diet by the way? I’m still in Croydon with elder Hansen only a couple of missionaries got moved in our area. It got well cold really fast and it started to actually rain this week. It always stays at a mist of some sorts. It isn’t like rain but you’re still getting wet. The only way to describe it is a mist. Maybe Bruce or Todd know what I’m talking about. Dad said the pats lost again that sucks. I don’t really have that much to write. I can’t really think of any cool experiences. Oh, I gave my first blessing to an autistic kid. It was a good experience. It made me realise to be thankful for it. It turned out that everything good happened. Studying is getting a lot harder because I just get side tracked on like fifty other things in the scriptures but I am learning a lot of stuff. Mail is slacking now. But whatevs I’ll probs get a ton of post in my last three months to make up for it. This week has been well chill as well. The harder someone works the less stress they have because they have nothing to worry about. And especially now that I’m in a rhythm with things and everything is planned out and your day has been filled you just teach and walk to the next teach or whatever it is that you have. Being planned is nice in a way because nothing really surprises you. But sometimes it’s nice being lost and confused because that’s when the random funny things happen. So as soon as we do that we will be rich. It’s nice being out here and really having no worries. Don’t have to care about friends or school or grades or money or lacrosse or anything. I have been getting well tired lately so when we are on buses I can sometimes get like a 2 minute cat nap. My favourite chapter is in 1st Corinthians chapter 13 it just talks about charity. Just simply makes you want to be a better person. Anyways that’s all that I can think of so I’m audi.

Joey- love you all


1. How is the weather? Is it getting colder? the weather is getting really cold

2. Mark tagged a ton of photos of you! How did he do getting of to University? good

3. How is the teaching of the girl from Nigeria going? good we committed her to baptism. so we will see

4. Is the Italian family doing okay? Have you met with the husband at all? haven’t met with them in 2 weeks her kid got pretty sick

5. Any new food?What is your favorite food there by the way? nope. chicken and chips

6. I am going to send you a package soon. Anything you want in it? i changed my mind I want sweaters and cardigans and gloves and winter hats

7. Do you need any blankets or anything like that or are you good? no blankets

8. Any letters? no

9. Do you ever get Dearelders? no

10. Any scriptures you want our family to read? 1st Corinthians chapter 13

11. Is it rainy yet? Yea it rained really heavy yesterday. But it stays at like a mist throughout the day

12. Do you want real photos or emailed photos of your friends? I can’t print things. So send them in the next package
If you know Joey well enough, you will know that him sending me photos of stray cats is not a joke.  He proabaly has numerous cat bowls outside his flat and is secretly feeding them.

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