Monday, September 24, 2012

It's a mist really


The book is blue.  The church is true.
Anyways here goes my letter.

Congrats to Millie and Jenna and Bret. That’s sick for Hayden. It must have been a good talk see if you can send it to me. If he even wrote anything down. I had to withdraw money I had to buy had to buy a winter jacket. That’s well cool for Mitch but so weird that he is married. I used to think he was so cool and now he is married dude. Hope the lacrosse team does well, they will probably have a good season. This week was well good. We committed one of our investigators for baptism but we still have a lot to teach her. Is dad still doing a diet by the way? I’m still in Croydon with elder Hansen only a couple of missionaries got moved in our area. It got well cold really fast and it started to actually rain this week. It always stays at a mist of some sorts. It isn’t like rain but you’re still getting wet. The only way to describe it is a mist. Maybe Bruce or Todd know what I’m talking about. Dad said the pats lost again that sucks. I don’t really have that much to write. I can’t really think of any cool experiences. Oh, I gave my first blessing to an autistic kid. It was a good experience. It made me realise to be thankful for it. It turned out that everything good happened. Studying is getting a lot harder because I just get side tracked on like fifty other things in the scriptures but I am learning a lot of stuff. Mail is slacking now. But whatevs I’ll probs get a ton of post in my last three months to make up for it. This week has been well chill as well. The harder someone works the less stress they have because they have nothing to worry about. And especially now that I’m in a rhythm with things and everything is planned out and your day has been filled you just teach and walk to the next teach or whatever it is that you have. Being planned is nice in a way because nothing really surprises you. But sometimes it’s nice being lost and confused because that’s when the random funny things happen. So as soon as we do that we will be rich. It’s nice being out here and really having no worries. Don’t have to care about friends or school or grades or money or lacrosse or anything. I have been getting well tired lately so when we are on buses I can sometimes get like a 2 minute cat nap. My favourite chapter is in 1st Corinthians chapter 13 it just talks about charity. Just simply makes you want to be a better person. Anyways that’s all that I can think of so I’m audi.

Joey- love you all


1. How is the weather? Is it getting colder? the weather is getting really cold

2. Mark tagged a ton of photos of you! How did he do getting of to University? good

3. How is the teaching of the girl from Nigeria going? good we committed her to baptism. so we will see

4. Is the Italian family doing okay? Have you met with the husband at all? haven’t met with them in 2 weeks her kid got pretty sick

5. Any new food?What is your favorite food there by the way? nope. chicken and chips

6. I am going to send you a package soon. Anything you want in it? i changed my mind I want sweaters and cardigans and gloves and winter hats

7. Do you need any blankets or anything like that or are you good? no blankets

8. Any letters? no

9. Do you ever get Dearelders? no

10. Any scriptures you want our family to read? 1st Corinthians chapter 13

11. Is it rainy yet? Yea it rained really heavy yesterday. But it stays at like a mist throughout the day

12. Do you want real photos or emailed photos of your friends? I can’t print things. So send them in the next package
If you know Joey well enough, you will know that him sending me photos of stray cats is not a joke.  He proabaly has numerous cat bowls outside his flat and is secretly feeding them.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Things are well kool

Yo,  I’ll answer the Q's first


1. Do you feed the meter? Nope

2. Do people talk about being 'on the dole'? Nope

3. Do you get fish and chips often? I don’t like it really. it’s just average. I would rather save the money and use it on something better

4. Todd said you would probably like wool sweaters. Would you like some? its fine, no.

5. Did you get the package from Amazon? Yes thanks

6. Do you even notice the accents anymore? Do you think you are getting one now? I’m used to it but I don’t have  one

7. What is your ward like? Is it big or small? kool. it’s about 80 people

8. Do you have a milk man? Nope

9. Any mail this week? Ali Nooooooooooorda!

10. How did the Chinese food turn out? What did you make? Good

11. Which Elders are you keeping in touch with? Can you email your friends who are on missions?  Yea I can email anyone of them


Hi this week was well dope. I found an Enya cd in our flat so that thing plays on repeat throughout the day. It is so cold here. When I first got here our flat was 24 degrees and now when I wake up its about 17 degrees. I am going to die during the winter. I am going out today to buy a new camera and some jackets. We went golfing with the young men in our ward so that was a lot of fun. I need you to accept mark as a friend on Facebook and everyone else that friended me if there are any. Make sure I have friends in common and I know them. No spammers or fake people. that’s a pet peeve. Also mark reminded me that you have to accept photos that I’m tagged in. It should be on like an activity bar or something. But you have to approve all the pictures I get tagged in and statuses and vids and stuff. Mark is pretty handy especially when we get lost he tells us what bus to catch and stuff. Friday we took a 2 hour train all the way down to the bottom of the mission in Christchurch to see elder Hansen’s baptism. It was the only person who he found that got baptized. It was cool. We met this kid that was my age and just travelling the world going to concerts and stuff. He was just coming back from Croatia and Italy. He was cool. Tell dad at least the patriots didn’t lose their season opener like green bay. We had mark find the scores for us ha-ha. Today is my 2 month mark. And my first moves are over and me and Hansen are staying together for another 6 weeks which is well dope. on Thursday I went on exchanges with the zone leader elder Curran who is cool. I stayed in Croydon with him and I was the senior companion and had to run everything. It was well kool. England is nothing like South America though. I feel like God sends all the prideful missionaries to England because literally no one cares basically. It’s hard to find new people to teach let alone get 2 baptisms a week. We are working with a Nigerian girl who said she wants to be baptised. but we have to teach her everything first really. We almost got a Muslim to pray in the name of Christ as well. It was cool he came in while we were teaching this girl and started to listen to us. But I might have a baptism soon we will see. We visited her last night and she had a watch tower from a Jehovah’s witness. I asked her if I could have it and she said yea and I just went home and read through it and threw it away haha. We have an investigator named Jason who is well kool. Basically whenever something falls through we just go over to his house. No matter what time it is we can call him and tell him we are coming over and he always will be there. He is well dope. He is just covered in tattoos and hates Jehovah’s witnesses. He knows a lot and is really open to stuff. He only likes our church so he might come this Sunday. I need to buy some winter boots and winter jackets and a new camera. AP White’s cousin is the byu kicker by the way. Monday we made this Chinese food with a full Chinese guy. It was well tasty. He taught us how to make 3 meals and then he taught us a ton of little kid visual lessons. Which are well dope. Because they are actually fun and stuff. The weather literally has a huge effect on people. When it’s cloudy and windy and rainy and cold good luck trying to talk to someone. But if it’s sunny and warm people always talk so winter is going to stink. Ha elder Curran stole elder Hansen’s oyster by accident so we spent the weekend walking everywhere. And our area is huge. Just to get to our church is an hour and a half walk. Which we had to do 3 times. That is well kool the Hayden is home now. The article was well dope. that’s awesome....

I’m outro.

Joey- Love you all

ps. send me pictures of like all my friends and stuff I’m making these well sick scripture cases covered in these pictures so yea.
pps. I have to go buy some thermal long sleeve garments and pants

Note from Joey's mom-  Today when I got his email I was on the computer.  I sent back an email right away and got to email back and forth for a few minutes- Here is some of what he said-
I asked him what an Oyster was and how Elder Hansen's got stolen.  It is a bus pass and it wasn't really stolen, just left in the other Elder's bag.
I asked if he has been to the temple yet and he said he has not been yet.
He said shouts out to Mary and Quincy for making their school's lax teams. 
He said to tell all the young men to read the Bible not just the Book of Mormon. He said that it will help them on their missions because a lot of people don't want to talk unless they know you know the Bible too. Also he said specifically to read the writings of Paul and  that he really likes the writings of Paul to Timothy.  He also said to ask Todd (Moody) about Vimto squash because he is sending some.
Then he said see you in 22 months.

Lucky for me he sent some photos today.  Here he is learning the art of Chinese cooking- (Peking Duck is what he said the made.  Hope he really crisped the skin)

Monday, September 10, 2012

It is getting cold but things are still CHILL

Hello all,
Sounds like Harrison is having a lot of fun on his mission. I was supposed to go on exchanges last Friday but things came up and we weren’t able to. We had a guy find a Book of Mormon in the trash can and then call us and ask if he was allowed to read it, and told us that he will call us when he is done and we could discuss it. So that was cool. We just watched the restoration with mark. He is cool and ready to be baptized but he just won’t. But it’s cool because he is way funny so being able to teach him like 3 times a week is nice too. But I would rather see him baptized. I tried to baptize him early by throwing a pitcher of water on him. He didn’t think it was funny.... well actually he did because it was on accident and then said that I tried to dunk him. But he is way kewl. It finally feels like I’m in a routine with things. Which is good because I’m used to being out here now but its stinks too because it’s just like the same old stuff every week and it gets really boring sometimes. But me and elder Hansen have fun so it cancels it out most times. Dad would love it out here because there are chicken and chip shops everywhere and it only cost like 2 quid to get 2 pieces of fried chicken and a lot of fries... I have had it like 7 days in a row minus Sunday of course. It is way good... it’s like kfc but 5 times better and like 5 times cheaper. Some of my favorite things to do involve street contacting. Rarely do people even listen to us so we have to keep sane so some ways I do that are 1. Crushing snails. 2. Popping slugs like zits by stepping on them. 3. This is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE thing to do- the sidewalks are lined with bushes and trees and the bushes are blackberry bushes so I always just stop and pluck a handful of berries... for the most part they always taste really good.  That is the BEST.   Winter is already moving in. it’s cold and I don’t like it... no matter how big your jacket is its still cold. The more clothing you have on the colder it is for some reason so you are just stuck being cold. It stinks. One thing I have learned so far though is to respect all religions... it’s actually really cool to hear what other people believe. It’s really interesting I definitely want to take some theology classes when I get back because it is just really interesting and chill to hear what they believe and why. And yes,  I know Albrechtson. He is a great guy and is the ap. He is way cool. The ap's are chill. The only reason people talk to me about the election stuff is because I’m American. People here couldn’t care less about it. I can see why you aren’t supposed to talk about politics on a mission. Things can escalate quickly. Oh, We are teaching an 8 year old kid who turns nine next month whose whole family is less active but they want their kid to be baptized so we teach the boy and the family in whole in really. It’s really cool because they are coming to church now. Interesting piece of info- The Clapham common ward has over 450 inactive members. It’s in the Peckham area which is an area controlled by the Africans and they love the church but get baptized and then never go again. the ward basically has its own set of rules because the Africans here have like a different understanding of the meaning of time so everyone shows up to church hours late so they have like open sacrament all day. It’s crazy. That’s in the zone above me so I don’t have to deal with that for now. This week I was filled with African food. I had guinea fowl, Jollafriss, fufu, and some spicy peanut butter sauce. It’s all way good. I have learned to like tomatoes. I hate tomatoes but now I actually I kinda like them. Still hate cheese cake... that’s the only thing I physically can’t eat. It’s straight up disgusting. Next Monday we are learning how to cook Chinese food so that’s cool. Food here is really good. Not any stand out experiences dealing with spirituality. I’m sure there are small ones just not like huge ones, but no worries I have 2 years for that. I got side tracked from reading the book of Mormon and started to read the bible. It’s awesome. I find that its very interesting. I like them both but the bible is more relevant in missionary work right now because we are talking to heavy Catholics so I want to know what they are talking about. We taught Alessandra in English. She normally speaks Italian so we still had the Italian elder helps us. She really wants to be baptized but she wants it as a family but her husband is never home. Yea the suit was on sale... norm its 140 but I got it for 80. But anyways that’s all. Happy birthday Millie and dad!!You two are awesome!

Elder Mecham- love you all-

This week's Q and A.

1. Who are you teaching now? Bruno and fam. they are Portuguese so we take someone that can speak Portuguese and translate for us. They were very strong Catholics but recently have been opening up and they invited us over for dinner. They are chill

2. What service projects have you done lately? Just gardening for people

3. Do you want me to try and send you some lacrosse sticks? Maybe fiddle sticks or something? I could take the heads off and get them in the suitcase at Christmas maybe. Christmas time would be kool

4. You said you were sick last week. What was wrong? Are you better? Just a bad cold... I’m kool now

5. Have you gotten any letters this week? from Bret and sister Bertha... shouts!

6.Are you working with Mark still? This will be our last week because he is going to Staines for university

7. How was your talk? What scriptures did you quote? John 13, Matthew 5, 1 Peter, and 1 Timothy 4:12. I just wrote down the scriptures I needed and then talked around them. I talked about how when me and Andrew Bertha and Spencer Taylor were hiking and the rock smashed Andrew’s foot how he was thankful that happened or else he would have fallen off the edge. So I talked about the example that he set that I needed to base my life not on sports anymore because it could be gone like that.

8. What do you write to President Millar about every week? Just that everything is chill

Oh and every day I  wakeup do like a million pushups and situps. Shower. Eat. Study for 3 hours. Teach. Contact. Teach. DA, teach. Knock .Sleep.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Zone football

Anyways my letter will be short because we had a zone vs zone football match. We played full pitch and had like 16 elders on each side. There should be a picture of it. Anyways I actually got sunburned in England haha. This week has been hard. I got sick so I have been really tired but still trying to do everything. It stunk. I tried to attach a video but I guess it was too big. I bought a new grey suit so that is way cool. I think I am going to buy a better camera. This thing is huge and runs out of batteries so quickly. (And they are cheap here.) Some other things that are cheap are cars. A brand new Mercedes sl is only 24,000 pounds a nice beamer that had 15,000 miles on it was only 700 quid. So I might buy a car and send it home. haha That way I can pickup girls by having a right side driver car. haha
This week was basically spent contacting and teaching referrals. We have been doing a lot of that. Not much finding really. We have been helping the members which is great!  We get fed dinner and sometimes lunch as well plus we get referrals so it’s like a win, win, WIN. Also can you get in touch with Max Ash's parents so we can all stay together when we are home. But that’s all for today... bye nerds!

Joey- love you all

 This week's Q and A

1. The girl from Sierra Leone that was baptized... Do you know how long she has been in London. The Pattersons wanted to figure out if they could have know her. Do you know her story? (Like where she is from etc and if she learned about the church in Africa or in London?)

 I don’t know anything of her really.  She was pretty much done when I got here.

2. Any new families? How is the teaching?

Two girls from Ghana and a Portuguese family that speaks no English

3. Did you get the skim boards?

Nope, not yet

4. Is the razor photo I sent you okay? I want order it if you want it?

Yes, order it please

5. What did you do at Church this week? Did you guys have to teach?

Nope, no teaching but I have to talk next Sunday about the example of Jesus Christ.

6. Have you met with President Millar at all? What was that like? Have you had any trainings that you attend?

Not yet

7. New foods?


8. Cool sites?

see pictures attached (**The post before this one)

9. Do you see hedgehogs?


10. What are you studying?

Book of Mormon


11. Do you prefer real letters to emails? Or do you like emails?


12. Did anyone write this week? Who?

Yes. bruv Anderson. Andrew bertha. And his mom which was cool. I wrote him back (Andrew) but I am going to use this time to shout out sister Bertha. Thanks for the letter it’s awesome to hear from people and how they are doing and how their family is doing. And also shouts to Bruce. That was cool as well tell Courtney congrats if it’s not weird that I’m like 3 years younger than her.

13. Are you able to work out at all every day? What do you do?

Yes we usually pass the American football as well as play football (English football so soccer)

14. If you have time, write down your typical day. :)

Not much time today, sorry.  But we basically,Wake up, teach, preach , sleep!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Photos from Joey

Today I got a bunch of photos from Elder Mecham.  I will post his letter later.
London Temple

New suits????

Football, ummmm soccer