Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Road to London... Missionary style

This past week Millie and I took a short trip to Massachusetts so I have had little computer access.  I will post a few of the many photos that we got during the past 6 days.  We also got Joey's email this morning and can I say it was a DISAPPOINTMENT here.  Yes, yes I can!
Here it is:
i cant email today. all i have time to say is im going to london tomorrow morning at 4am and my pday will most likely be monday... i'll send a better email to everyone soon
Joey- love you all

The photos below are photos taken over the past few days. 

In class

Fish and Chips and Cornish pastries

Note: Joey has the Tabasco!

Singing God Save The Queen

It was one of the Elder's birthday so the chefs made  a cake.

Happy to work out, of course.

Flags of the countries represented in the MTC

Before lessons

Singing the National Anthem

Elders stood with their fellow countrymen and sang.  Then each Elder mentioned something they loved a bout their homeland.  Some of the things mentioned:  Football, country music, lacrosse, freedom...Guess which one Joey said.

After their last meeting

Farewell dessert in the President's apartment. 

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