Monday, August 13, 2012

Teaching, dinners and a baptism- 2nd week in Croydon

SO ILL! Anyway the Evan R Lawson ties sounds good. I needed more ties. Elder Hansen is way chill. He is exactly like me. He played football and soccer in high school, then played football in college. He is from Cypress, So Cal. We have a ton of fun but this whole week we have been so busy we haven’t even had time to plan or anything. We have had DA's (dinner appointments) every night so far. We even had some LA's (lunch appointments) so I have been fed really well by the members. They pass around an eating schedule every week in church so we barely have days when we aren’t fed. And also we got the bishop for a DA later this week, which I guess is unheard of. Elder Paulo, the elder in Croydon before me, said he was in the area for 6 months and never got to eat at the bishop’s house. So I guess something is going well. Oh there really is no time limit on how much I can email in the mission Which is cool I guess. Right now we are teaching a kid who is 19 who has been coming to everything, like church and every activity and also comes out with us whenever we ask for like 8 months. But he won’t get baptized and we aren’t sure why. He believes the church is true and everything so it’s kinda strange. Then we taught Jxxxxx he is a black kid and he is from the Caribbean. He just came up to us and started asking about our church and said, ' If I have time to sin then I must make time for the Lord too.' he is really funny. He is covered in tattoos and you would think he is just a hood kid but he told us whenever we wanted to stop by we could. Then we visited some former investigators and got an appointment. Then we got to teach a guy we met on the street. And that’s about it. It’s been sunny since I got here so everyone is in like a happy mood and actually willing to talk. Our chapel is in Selsdon which is like 20 minutes from where we live. There are about 80 members or so. Most are English but some are from South Africa and Guinea and Ghana. That’s good that the Pats are looking good for this year and same with the Packers. We have to take like trams and double deckers everywhere basically. There really isn’t anyone in the actually city so you have to go to the suburbs outside. There are a ton of Muslims and Hindu people but other than that everyone is basically agnostic. Everything had the Olympic rings and stuff on it so it’s pretty big. I guess one of GB's sprinters was from Croydon so it’s pretty big here. I understand most everything people say to me, the only thing that’s hard is people talk really quietly. I don’t really have an accent, but I am starting to ask questions in the tone that the English do. You will have to ask pres. Moody to give you an example. I was a witness at my first baptism on Saturday. It was a 17 year old girl from Sierra Leone. Her name is Dxxxxxxx. She lives in Orpington, which is like 30 minutes away from Croydon. That was cool.

Anyways... it’s been real!

Love you all -Joey

I also saw this on a little card. "The number of 'followers' you have does not make you better than anyone else. Hitler had millions, Jesus had 12."

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  1. the girl from Sierra Leone? how long has she been in the UK? is she from Freetown? that's cool that she joined the church. tell her that Freetown will probably be a stake by the end of the year.