Monday, August 27, 2012

Rain, slugs, service and high street contacting

Wassup up....! Anyways today went good. Everyone we get to meet and talk to usually aren’t from Croydon. Because it’s a city, a lot of people travel here from outside of our area. With that said we met this way cool guy who was totes accepting of everything but he lives outside our area, so we had to pass him on to other elders... that happened about 4 times this week. but then we got 4 referrals . 2 are families that only speak Portuguese so we can’t really communicate at all. Saturday was the first time that I’ve worn my rain jacket. When it rains no one is outside and everyone is in a bad mood. So contacting outside is pointless. But anyways we decided to go to the high street and do shop contacting. That’s when basically like you talk to the owners of the store and stuff.   It’s nice because you get out of the rain and the people always invite us to share more because they don’t want us to be stuck in the rain. We went into Moss which is like a nice suit store and one of the employees started to bash us and was just saying “What makes our church so different?” and that we pick and choose in the bible and how we are saying there are different Jeremiahs and Moses and Noahs, and we believe in a different Jesus. So I basically just handled him and asked what church he was from. He said some branch of the Protestants. I said so basically your church is a manmade church then right? And he said yes. So I said in the bible Jesus specifically says man made churches are of the devil. Then I asked him if he pays his preacher, and he said yes. So I said so you’re paying to be forgiven of your sins?  Then he started arguing about how in Revelations it says nothing can be added or taken away from this book. Then I told him it says the exact same thing in Deuteronomy and I told him how it’s talking about the different books individually. If it wasn’t then everything after Duet would be false. Then he brought up other stuff and I basically just told him that his church was the one that picks and chooses from the bible. I ended up finishing with, “We are all waiting on the same second coming though right?” and he said, “ Well yea of course.”  So I said ,  “Exactly, so how are we doing wrong trying to teach about Jesus. In the bible when the apostles got mad at other people for doing stuff in Christ’s name Jesus replied if they’re not against us they’re for us. And the guy basically said “yea you’re right.”  It’s really hard for me to not argue with people especially when people are so closed minded.

When it rains outside all the slugs and snails come out and are all over the side walk. So when we were knocking doors I made a game to see how many slugs I could pop by stepping on them. I lost count... same with the snails. People here hate snails and slugs because everyone loves to do gardening and they are ruining their gardens so everyone kills them. Last week we focused on service. So we helped a family move flats all day on Friday. On Thursday we helped a family clean their garden. And when they say garden they mean their backyard. So we looked back there and they said they needed help with their garden so we said okay. But we didn’t realize they actually meant their real garden, so we spent the whole day pulling weeds and chopping bushes down. it was a ton of work we had to get rid of like 50 bushes that were giant weeds... it took forever and we aren’t even a quarter done. I will have to send you a before and after picture. It is ridiculous how much there has to be done. Tuesday we played a giant game of soccer with the guys in our ward and the guys in Orpington. The cool thing is that we can go play soccer at any park and it turns into a finding activity. It’s pretty cool. We plan on getting a skim board and when it rains really heavy we go to a park and skim on the grass. We are also thinking of like racing kids and if we win they have to take a Book of Mormon and read it.

Our flat is right past a street of like clubs I guess. So every night we walk down the 'nightlife street'. It’s funny because we are walking home and they are walking to basically have their fun. It’s just a thing we do every night now. I got the box with the ties... that’s a sick Brooks bruva tie. We might go to the driving range later today or just play basketball. But to Millie. I would love to rewind to my junior year it was one of the best. Right after my senior year and freshman at college. I might buy a suit soon. Just a dark gray suit for like 80 quid that looks dope. But anyways that’s it for this week- bye nerds.

Joey-love you all

The questions of the week- 

1. How are things with you and Elder Hansen going?  Still having fun?  Great and yes.

2. Who are you teaching these days?  Lots of people, see letter.

3. When are you sending the SD card? (Please send it soon.) When I fill it up. I still have like 600 pics to take

4. Any new food adventures? I had fufu. Which is African and its fill you up in 3 bites

5. What are you reading? Still Alma?  Alma 50

6. Any letters arrive yet?  Yup, thanks Mary, Jordan and Katie

7. Are you able to understand all the accents? It’s just an inner city accent really. The posh accent is really easy to understand. The city is harder because they use a lot of slang. Basically any 'th' is a 'v' so its like 'wuddup bruv' is really common.

8. Where do you email us from?  Library mostly

9. Do you see any other elders from your zone at all on Pdays? Do you do sports or anything? Yes, usually every pday we get together. We play chair soccer and basketball. (Which apparently everyone thinks I’m way good at bball...) because I am now. and that’s what i like to play lately.

10. Have you seen any good sites yet? No, not really

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