Monday, August 20, 2012

Service, Flat finds and the Apostle Paul

It’s been HOT AS HECK here. Like around 34 degrees, but the humidity is a killer. Nothing has been happening so met with the bishop on Sunday to see where he wants us to go work because the areas we have been working have been pointless really. He told us to go into the nice outskirts so Coulson and Woldingham area. We haven’t been knocking that much because it’s been nice outside so everyone is outside so we street contact. People here enjoy nice convos but as soon as you bring up church they will tell you they are either Muslims or Roman Catholic. But sometimes they will listen to what you say. It’s funny how much I have learned about other religions and stuff. People always talk to you about religion if you ask them what theirs is first. So it’s been really interesting to see what other people believe. It’s all about not being forceful. You have to actually be interested in what they are saying and ask those questions. Normally if they don’t want to talk to you they will just not talk to you or say no and walk away. Me and elder Hansen have been focusing on service. So basically helping everyone with anything. Every investigator always tells us they forgot to meet with us and basically just reschedules it
for a different time. Also I have officially passed my 1 MONTH MARK! Only 23 left. I try not to countdown but it is literally impossible. Even the tiniest things remind me of home. Like I took my shoes out of the freezer this morning and put them on and they reminded me of lax practice when I had to put on frozen boots before practice and then when practice started they would be melted and your feet would be cold and wet. This upcoming week is going to be awesome because we have like a service project every day and that includes lunch. Then we have a dinner appointment every single day. The ward loves us. I think it’s because we teach primary and their kids always want us over. Premier league just started on Saturday so everyone always wears their favorite team’s jersey. I have decided I am a Tottenham guy. And I heard they have been doing well. That’s another thing you can always talk to people about. Just mention football and they will start talking to you.  Same with weather. We are allowed to listen to any music that invites the spirit. So we have Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood Taylor Swift Trevor Hall and Explosions in the Sky. So we often play songs and have music playing softly when we get back to the flat. My first purchases have been a Great Britain Olympic tracksuit and 2 ties. I found 3 sick ties in our flat,(flat finds) and I bought the Olympic torch tie. We have been so busy since I’ve been here that we haven’t had time to weekly plan, which takes around 2 hours. There is a family here who moved from Texas the same time I arrived in England and his job is making him work here for 2 years, then they move back to the states. They made us really good burritos. We joke that we will be on the same plane coming back to the states. At the end of my mission I want to be able to say what the apostle Paul did in 2nd Timothy 4:7. That quickly became a top scripture for me. Oh so everyone has been saying Mecham right here and they always ask what nationality I am and I get confused if I should say Italian because that’s what I am or English because that’s what my name is. So I normally just say Italian and explain everything. I guess there is a family in my ward who is on vacation and their last name is Meacham and I was telling people that that’s how my name used to be spelled before the family came to AMERICA. So that’s weird. Also elder Hansen wants to know if you (dad) remember anyone from the cypress 2nd ward. It’s funny that Harrison is in AZ and we are still doing the same thing and sounds like the people are the same everywhere, kinda. I do run into mean people but I don’t tend to write about it because the 3-4 good people out weigh the 100 mean people throughout the day. That’s nice.  The church gives us an extra 120 quid to spend on travel, which a bus and tram pass cost 80 for the week. So no riding bikes for me. I am glad I am already out in the field, it’s so much better to be out in the field.  Also, I found out why we aren’t allowed to talk to Muslims. It’s not really that we can’t talk to them it’s just we can’t baptize them unless the mission president is there and we have to have him or the ap's or zl's when we teach them. If you do baptize a Muslim their extended family may get really angry and there will be bad consequences for the person who is baptized and for the people who were involved in teaching and baptizing the person. Something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately was if Helaman struggled with his faith. I am because Alma took all his sons except Helaman to teach the Zoramites. And he counseled his sons about pride and other sins but he counsels Helaman about faith and tells Helaman about his own past. Later Alma asks Helaman all these questions if he believes in Jesus and the atonement and the gospel and stuff. I was thinking God gave the plates to Helaman to strengthen his beliefs. Kind of using the concept of we only know how strong we are when we are tested type of thing. But yea that was one thing I just read. But that’s all for now.

-Joey- love you all

This week’s questions from me with Joey’s answers.

1. How is Mark (the investigator) doing- He is doing fine.

2. How was dinner at the Bishop's house? It was really good.

3. So what kind of food are you eating? I had poikey (South African dish) guinea fowl (Ghana food) fufu (African) lasagna (Italian) and some stew (Jamaican) desserts are huge here. So after every meal I get a desert.

4. What does your flat look like? How big? How many rooms? 2 bedroom 1 living room 1 kitchen 1 bathroom

5. Have you gotten the package I sent you last week with the ties? Nope, not yet

6. Getting letters? Haven’t gotten any mail at all here in Croydon yet

7. How is the Italian family coming? They are fine

8. Do you need anything? I need an electric razor. Hand shaving stinks. A few requirements- it need to be rechargeable- it needs to be a coil razor- not the one with 3 circles- just Google foil razors-and it needs to have at least 2 foils. Also please buy  Austin Eckel’s music and send it all to me. ask alexis about it.

10. How is President Millar? Do you write to him every week? Fine. Yes

11. Did President Millar remember you? Yes

12. Is everything super expensive there? Not really

12. What do you do at church? Do you teach? Go to Elders' Quorum? I haven’t taught yet... we do go to church of course.

Olympic Track suit/ Gangster pose

Olympic Track suit/ Joey pose

Beautiful England

The torch tie

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