Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A note from Joey's Companion

Joey's companion, Elder Hansen is from Southern California.  As you have read in Joey's letters the two get along really well.  Elder Hansen's mom and I have chatted a few times (Thanks Missionary moms and Facebook!) and today she sent me some comments her son made about Joey in his most recent email to her.  I love it!

training is off to a sickk start!! things have been hectic ever since i got my boy......we havent even had time to weekly plan yet...things are good, i took my boy out for his first street contact, and hahah it was so funny, we were walking down a quieter street and we see this black lady about 30's walking towards us, so im like alright my son, this is your first contact, you'll always remember this one. get it done! so as we walk buy he says, hey......then she takes out her headphones and she's all, hey hows it going.....then he just freezes and with this look of desperation turns to me as if to say, dude help me !!! hahah but to be fair, the first person he stops turns into an investigator, so whos laughing now
i also got my oppurtunity to play my greenie me and mark planned it all out. we decided to go high streeting, and we would meet mark there....only my boy has never met mark yet, so i see mark coming down the road and im all, alright mah man, this ones all you, and ima let you do the talking, im here if you need me....and you know what, he actually did such a good job. but dang he did a great job, and poor man, mark had him going. he was playing the golden man on the streets, he gave him a book of mormon and everything, and after this great convo he turns to me and was like, wait, was that mark... mark?!? he was not a happy camper, he got punkd!! haha but he was all game for it, he wasnt mad or upset or anything....
weve had a few good teaches together as well. i see the potential he has and its a huge upside, which means, pressures on me to make sure he lives up to it. i was really nervous at first, but now im really excited. my boy has broughten fire!!! Life has been really good, and were hoping to keep things rollin.

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