Thursday, August 9, 2012

1st email from the field- Elder Mecham is in Croydon

So first things first.  This email will be mostly informational and I will write you more on Monday. My pdays are Monday from now on. I’m in the Croydon area. It is part of London but it’s like the slums. The city is all worn down with dodgy people everywhere. But according to my trainer the outskirts of Croydon are nicer.

My trainer Elder Hansen is so dope. He is from Huntington Beach. Just a typical Cali surf bro. I was like worried the whole time that I would get a jerk for a companion and just be like a super strict or super lazy trainer. But he is really chill and laid back. Can’t say enough about the guy but he is way cool so it’s a relief. We study every day until 11. And then go out and do what needs to be done. It’s just me and elder Hansen in our flat. And I am the DLB which means (district leader's boy) he is the district leader. Apparently being the DLB is a sign for good things in the future everyone was saying. And it’s also the best because I get from 9 to 10:30 to do what I want (write letters, read scriptures etc) while he is on the phone listening to reports and talking to all the elders in the district too.

Okay so I guess I will answer a few of your questions-I heard that we have to wear a suit every day in this mission but found out it’s only to meetings. I might go buy some English suits anyways. I found out there is a nice suit shop in Croydon where you can get dope authentic English suits for like 50-80 quid other than that we can wear whatever we want. Which was also a big time relief. I got to see the London temple but didn’t get to really go inside it yet. It was way cool and totally beautiful. Also mail takes a week or so to get to me and I got the package yesterday. Thanks and thanks to the girls in the neighborhood for the letters and also thanks to Blake for the cool package too. I am glad he is laxing it up.  It’s nice to be out of the mtc but it’s crazy that I am actually in the field. I will get authentic fish and chips today too. It sounds good with all the emails that you get from my friends in the field if you just mail them to me. There were 11 kids going to London south. But there are about 170 in the mission so I probably won’t be with anyone. Basically anyone can email my email.  They don’t really mind at all. But letters are better so my comps can think I’m the man. Everyone in the MTC kept think that a girl named Nancy (our street) kept writing me so everyone thought I had a girlfriend named Nancy. They also kept asking who Dee (moody) was and for some reason everyone jumped to the conclusion that she was hot and all I do is get letters from her. (Which is disgusting.Sorry Dee if you are reading this.) A little more about my area. We get to teach with a family from Italy but it’s hard for them to communicate in English so I guess we go over and set up skype for them so the missionaries in Guernsey can speak to them in Italian. So today will be first day teaching.  Being out in the field is much more exciting than being in the mtc. In the mtc every day is planned and it’s the same in the field, but you don’t really know what you will be doing. There’s a heat wave so it’s like 26 degrees and just really humid and really hot but at least it’s sunny for the next couple of days. They also give us 2 hours to use the computer so it’s really relaxed in the mission. How is dad with the Packer players? I could always use more ties. Manchester Piccadilly stunk for contacting because it’s a lot like New York where people are in a rush to go everywhere and a lot of people barely speak English and the mtc has been going there for like 4 years so they probably have it circled on a map that the Mormons are coming that day! Ha.  Everyone in the ward here I guess is really nice so we have dinner appointments most of the nights. We have 2 tonight one in an hour and a half (2) and then one at 6pm so it’s a ton of eating. My bed is ridiculously uncomfortable but its whatevs I’m so tired at the end of the day that I don’t even care. Tell dad he has to protect my hardrive with his life. It has all my college papers and music on there so I’ll need that when I return. Just make sure all my stuff doesn’t get thrown away.. I’ve been emailing some of the guys who are on missions or home, Harrison and McKay and Johnson and Hayden just little short emails. My mission is way relaxed but we work hard.President Millar is brand new so it’s cool and a nice transition. I’ve taken about 180 pictures so far. So in a couple of weeks I might send the sdcard to you so you can put them up. With mail you can either mail it to my flat or to the London temple. It just needs to say elder.... my address for the flat in Croydon is.

Flat 3

12 Bramley hill

Croydon, London, England


I don’t think I will write family back just because I can email you guys and it cost about 80p to send a letter. But I will usually write friends back .It was cool to get a letter from Blake. Croydon is literally a giant melting pot. Every race you can think of is here. All the elders I’ve met so far are really cool. I met elder Amijo who is friends with Taylor Hayman. He was cool. I haven’t done too much yet just because I just got here. But I will email you in 4 days with more stories I guess.  Hopefully I will have more to tell you about the work I am doing.

 love you all-Joey

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