Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1st P-day Email

Ok so it’s our pday now. I am a district leader and my district is pretty cool. I have two elders from Germany so everyone is learning German in our district and it’s quite funny. I have a kid from South Africa who is really funny. Then I have a kid from Cali and Utah and Canada. The kid from Utah knows Kelly Judson and McKay Madsen. Everyone thinks it’s really cool that I played lacrosse for BYU.  One of the elders from Germany was a professional soccer player so we played with him yesterday and he is ridiculously good. I also have a couple who are about 65 in my district. My companion is elder Keir and is from Scotland. He knows a ton about the gospel which is nice when we teach people because he takes up about 2/3 the time teaching the people. Oh speaking about investigators we had to teach someone who is just crazy and in the middle of the lesson we were giving her I just started cracking up and I couldn’t control myself from laughing and she started laughing and then my comp started laughing as well. The food is pretty good I’m still learning what to stay away from. Like the cheese is really disgusting and the bread has no flavor. But I think I’m getting used to all the food. It is really like prison here and I’m starting to hate it. But I like it at the same time. Sundays have quickly become my favorite day because we listen to devotionals and we don’t really have to do much, like teach people. Everything in my suitcase was fine but I did forget a little like body wash so we are going out to Chorley to get everything we need. Friday we go to Manchester for street contacting which everyone is dreading. I thought I was the only one that would have problems teaching and stuff but seriously everyone is around where I am just some people have a little more knowledge. Don’t write me every day just once a week would suffice. We are only allowed to wear our suits, which stinks, but it really isn’t that hot out at all but it’s only rained once since I’ve been here and that was Friday. The days are so long here though like seriously it feels like everything is moving so slow but there still really isn’t enough time to do everything. Anyways sorry if this is short but I have stuff that needs to be attended to. Also I have already started to pick up a very minute accent. Shout out to ALI Noorda for being the first person to write to me. It was probably because she was in London. But everyone now treats me like a prince because I got the only letter so far from a girl so everyone thinks I’m a pimp or something. But it’s been real hard work

love you all... Joey

Ok just a continuation from the other email I just sent. Yea I only have 5 minutes left but Elder Keir is way cool, we get along really well. Also I became pretty good friends with Elder Fingerle and he is from Germany. He teaches me some German everyday but he is really cool and he knows a ton of girls that want to write me I guess. They loved the fact that I was from Las Vegas so they all want to write me he said so soon I will be talking with German girls, but I got to go... also put my blog up on facebook and tell people to write me... seriously anyone.

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