Sunday, July 29, 2012

Church History Tour

Sister Williams added many photos today of the sites the Elders visited.  Again, I feel so blessed to have these photos to share, but mostly I am grateful that I get to see my son as he prepares to teach the people of England.
We began at "The Old Cock Pit" where the early missionaries held meetings along with the Temperance Group.
Apostles Heber C Kimball, Orson Hyde, Willard Richards and several others including Joseph Fielding arrived in Liverpool on July 20, 1837. They proceeded to Preston where Joseph Fielding's brother invited them to preach at his church their first Sunday. After several members asked to be baptized, they were not allowed to use the church so eventually starting holding meetings at The Cockpit. Pres. Walker's ancestor found the church here and was baptized.

The oblisk was the center of their preaching.
Here President Hinckley taught the first night of his mission.

Pres. Hinckley told his companion he had the wrong man, as he was so shy.

Current Preston Town Square set up for Olmypic coverage.

The first missionaries rented two top bedrooms in this building on St. Wilfred and Fox Street. Here they were attacked by evil spirits the night before the first baptisms.   Pres. Walker explained that when Heber C. Kimball returned and told Joseph Smith of the experience, Joseph Smith said it was Satan trying to stop the work from spreading.

The last paragraph

At one time there were more members in England than in America.

Japanese Gardens

Ammon District

By the River Ribble where the first baptisms outside of North America took place.

Two men raced across this bridge to see who would be the first baptized. George D. Watt won.

The baptisms took place by the tree as the water was smoother there.

All of the Elders on the bridge

Pres. Walker pointing to 15 Wadham Road, the first apartment of Pres. Hinckley when he arrived in England in the early 1930's

Sis. Walker tells of her father's discouragement during those first few weeks. He wrote a letter to his father telling him he thought he was wasting time and money.

Back came the famous response:
"Forget yourself and go to work."

At this point, Pres, Hinckley went to his bedroom and dedicated his life to the Lord.
"You never know what great things the Lord is preparing you for as you serve your mission."

Heber C Kimball was asked to come to Downham and Chatburn, a 30 mile walk up the Ribble Valley. The village looks exactly as it did in 1837, except for the pavement covering the cobblestone road.

This view from the church door is supposed to be one of the most beautiful from any church in England.
The village of Downham is owned by Lord and Lady Clitheroe who own all the propery to the top of Pendle Hill in the background.

Many people were baptized here at the Chatburn site.Sometimes they had to chop 12-14 inches of ice off the water.

This site was just discovered and verified three or four years ago.

The end of a very special day.  President Walker tells the Elders that they have walked on sacred ground.

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