Thursday, July 19, 2012

1st email from the MTC

It's me!  Joey!!!!!

Ok so first I wanted to tell you I have arrived safely. Second my pday is Tuesday so you will hear more from me then. Third, you will be receiving an invitation to a Picasa web album tonight that will have pictures of my mtc experience, tell me when you have seen the pictures. Now for my real email..... It’s really crazy here and honestly I have no freaking idea what I’m doing here, along with all the other missionaries. We look like chickens with our heads cut off. When I was in the airport in Atlanta I met with a sister who was getting off her mission to temple square and she was from England so we got to talk about it a little. Then I met with 3 other elders, one of which is going to my mission the others are going to the Birmingham mission. When we got out of the Manchester airport we were taking this bus that was huge for only 8 elders... yea we picked up 4 more in the England airport that are all from Utah. But so we get on this bus and are driving on the freeway and there are seriously only a foot between the other cars and us on the freeway like the lanes are tiny. I think we even slapped mirrors once or twice it was really weird. It’s raining like usual here but the mtc is pretty cool i just have no idea what’s going on right now. The flight over here was horrible, it took forever and it was wicked hot on the plane so I couldn’t fall asleep but luckily they are giving us a basically free day today so we get to nap maybe. The temple is probably 50 meters away from where I am right now so that’s pretty cool too. I figured out today that they use the metric system and they use Celsius and stuff so it’s a lot of minor adjustments that need to be made. like the whole way to the mtc I just kept thinking like what did I do and I felt like I shouldn’t have come but after being here it’s pretty cool and the fact that we only have three weeks in here makes it a lot more bearable. The mtc is empty and there are only 12 elders here right now. i guess 16 come tomorrow and that makes up the mtc so there are only 14 companionships which is really small. They keep telling us that we are in for a treat tonight with food, I guess we have a really good dinner prepared for tonight. I didn’t realize all the little lingo that I need to learn to make communication easier. According to the sister missionary I talked to earlier she said that we basically have to throw the American vocab in the rubbish and start over because everything an American wouldn’t consider offensive is ridiculously offensive here and it’s just stupid words like fanny and butt. That actually made me laugh when she was going through all the words not to say. I’ve met with everyone in the mtc in like 2 minutes it was really fast and like no one has accents so you can’t really get used to it. I’m still trying to get used to the fact that its only noon here it feels so much later too me and I’m like dead tired anyways. They have split us up into groups and they will assign the district and zone leaders tonight. I can’t tell you what my new calling is but you can guess between those two. I’m totally unprepared for that. Also did you (mom) send those shirts to Utah yet? and I might get letters from everyone that I wrote to before I  left so you might want to wait like a week after you get the first letter to make sure you have a couple and then you can just send them to me as like a bundle. Anyways it’s been real I got to fill out more paperwork.

-Joey, love you all
The England MTC

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  1. That is the cutest MTC ever! Joey sounds shell-shocked, which is normal. Some good food and good sleep and some great MTC experiences will do wonders! :)